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Survey results now available

During September and October 2013, the Governance Group of the Beauty Service TRoQ released 3 surveys:

  • Nail Technology Survey
  • Beauty Therapy Survey
  • Makeup and Special Effects Survey.

The purpose of the surveys was to gather feedback on a number of questions to help the Working Groups determine qualification requirements for those working in the various industries covered.

The surveys are now closed and the results have been passed to the relevant Working Group for consideration.

The Governance Group has met and approved that the survey results can be posted on this website. These are available from the DOCUMENTS section of the Beauty TRoQ website or from the links below.

All documents are PDF format (approx 500Kb in size) and all details related to personal information of the individuals who commented have been removed.

Governance Group update

Chris Bradley has replaced  Adam Berry in the Beauty TRoQ Governance Group.

The Governance Group members are now:

  • Patrick Lander - EIT
  • Chris Bradley - Elite
  • Erica Cumming – HITO
  • Judy West – NZARBT
  • Margaret Walsh – Face and Body Beauty Therapy
  • Michelle Woodyard – Professional Skin and Beauty