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General Secretary/CEO Announcement

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I write to inform the Presbytery and Synod of SA of the early conclusion to the placement of our General Secretary/CEO, Rev Nigel Rogers. Nigel gave his notice this week, which means he will conclude his placement at the end of February 2018.

This news was shared with the Presbytery and Synod staff this morning, and below is Nigel's personal statement to the whole church:

I’m contacting you to advise I am concluding my placement as CEO/General Secretary. This has been a difficult decision and is one that myself and my family have prayerfully considered for some time. We have made the decision to return home to Queensland at a time where our immediate family needs our love and support.

Over the past month we have tested this call to confirm this decision through prayer, God’s Word and seeking wise counsel from trusted friends. Through this, God has been loud and clear and is making a way where, logically it feels like there shouldn't be a way forward.

Our family has very mixed emotions about this. It has been such a privilege to serve the Presbytery and Synod of SA as CEO/General Secretary. I am thankful for God's leading to this role, the growth it has brought and the dear friends I have made.

My final words need to be a simple but heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you.

                                   - Rev Nigel Rogers

We are very thankful for the time and energy Nigel has given to progress our Presbytery and Synod life here in South Australia. It is with deep sadness that we prepare to farewell him and his family, appreciating the difficult decision this has been for them.

The Standing Committee will meet next Friday 8 December to begin the work of transition with Nigel and to consider the appointment of a new General Secretary/CEO. We will inform the Presbytery and Synod of the progress of this work as it happens. I know you will join with me in praying for Nigel and his wife, Jo, and their family as they prepare to return to Queensland in the New Year. 

Grace and peace,

Rev Sue Ellis                
Uniting Church SA