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City of Mumbai Cleans Up With RFID Technology

Mumbai Garbage Truck with CSL CS203 Integrated RFID Reader

Convergence Systems Limited (CSL) and RFID Tags and Services (RFTS), a leading solution provider and distributor of RFID, announced that the city of Mumbai has implemented a sophisticated, real-time vehicle tracking system for solid waste management that relies on RFID technology to ensure that garbage is collected on time, improves the efficiency of city services, including curbing the financial losses.

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (BMC), is piloting a vehicle tracking management system (VTMS) that includes the city’s garbage trucks. To enable real-time, automated monitoring of the collection process, CSL’s CS203 Integrated RFID Readers are installed on the trucks and CS208 Intelligent RFID Reader with embedded edge servers are positioned at the dumping areas...

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2015 RFID Journal LIVE in San Diego

Convergence Systems Limited wants to thank all our partners and customers for stopping by our booth at RFID Journal LIVE last week. CSL featured the ruggedized CS208-3G for high performance and 3G connectivity as well as our portfolio of UHF RFID tags, readers and antennas. Visitors were happy to find stationary reader solutions from 4 to 16 ports at the right price and performance to enable automatic inventory management and people tracking.   We were also pleased to see many inquiries regarding our Time-of-Arrival based RTLS solutions.