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AU Career PhD & JR

June 2017

Summer is here.

The spring semester is coming to an end and we conclude it with a new

name - AU Career PhD & JR.

New name - same focus | AU PhDs at Work - The bigger picture | PhD Career Day 2017 Events - autumn 2017 | New addition to the team | AU Mentor PhD & JR deadline | Career counselling - where to find us | Office closed for the summer

New name - same focus

In line with the recent AU initiatives to strengthen the career paths of junior researchers (JR) at AU, our career services will now, in addition to PhDs, be targeted at and relevant for junior researchers. To embrace this, we have changed our name from AU Career PhD to AU Career PhD & JR and given our logo at light facelift.

We look forward to this new change and hope that you will receive it well.

Au phds at work - the bigger picture

For two years running, we have congratulated AU PhDs with their new jobs on our Facebook page and we are always excited to hear where they have landed their new jobs. 

AU PhDs at Work is also a way for us to show you the variety of companies that employ PhDs, and to share with you the job tasks and titles that AU PhDs have.

We are pleased to see that the posts on AU PhDs at Work are still reaching so many of you every week and we will no doubt continue after the summer holiday.

Once again we have made a brief and somewhat qualitative overview of this spring's profiles, which we have narrowed down to 4 facts:

FACT 1 - Location

The 10 PhDs from this semester’s AU PhDs at Work have found work in and around Aarhus and Copenhagen. Are you hoping to find work elsewhere, then fear not, we do come across plenty of PhDs being employed all around the country. However, we cannot deny that Aarhus and Copenhagen are the big draws when it comes to hiring PhDs.

FACT 2 - Small, medium-sized or large?

Based on our 10 profiles, the assumption that it is the large companies that are employing the majority of the PhDs is still true. Six of the PhDs are employed in large companies, whereas the remaining four PhDs are employed in small and medium-sized companies.

FACT 3 - Job titles

Despite seeing some diversity in job titles, titles that contain consultant were more frequent, which reflects the tendency that we saw last year. For a full list of the job titles, follow our Facebook page. 

FACT 4 - Working hours

As a new initiative, we launched Work on Wednesday this spring. Here we have sought to illustrate how a workday looks for an employee with a PhD. A parameter that we have emphasized is average working hours per week. Based on the 11 profiles that we have posted on Facebook, the average working hours are 39 hours per week. For many of the PhDs this number did however vary from week to week.

More information?

You can follow AU PhDs at Work on our Facebook page, but from September you can find a collected AU PhDs at Work booklet with all the profiles from 2016 until now. For PhDs from Health, the "Career Portraits 2016 - What do PhDs from Health do" is available on our website.

phd career day 2017 - the date is set!

On November 16th 2017, PhD Career Day takes place. 

PhD Career Day is an annual event where young researchers and companies can meet and network.

The event is open for PhDs and junior researchers from all faculties at Aarhus University with the aim of providing an overview of non-academic career possibilities for PhD students and junior researchers as well as introducing the companies to the talents at Aarhus University.

During the course of three hours you will have the chance to talk to a range of different companies, who are all eager to hear what you have to offer. 

More information will follow on our website (including participating companies), but you can already now register for the event. 

Events - autumn 2017

Although the summer is upon us, you can already now get a foretaste of what the autumn brings of various events relevant for you.


Mid-September | All-day

Join us for an all-day excursion to a company employing PhDs. Learn about the organisation, hear about the recruitment process and learn which PhDs they are interested in. 


19th September | 15:00-16:00

Introductory meeting for PhDs and junior researchers taking part in AU Mentor PhD and JR (mentor programme). 


26th September | 15:00-16:30

Take part in a webinar hosted by Novo Nordisk, which aims to give you the tips and tricks needed to improve your chances of coming further in the job application process. 

You can already now sign up for the webinar here.

You will receive an email with additional information, including a unique link to join the webinar, as we draw closer to the date of the event. 


25th October | 08:30-16:00

Take part in an all-day workshop, which will help you identify, understand and describe your own competencies. A company representative will be present to help us explore and understand the competencies most valued by employers outside of academia.


16th November | 09.00-14.00

Be ready for PhD Career Day. A selection of the company representatives participating in PhD Career Day will take part in this intimate workshop where you will have the chance to rehearse your elevator pitch and get feedback in a smaller setting. There will only be a limited number of spots available.


7th December | 15.30-16.00

Today numerous job titles exist and it is not always easy to see through the titles and understand what the jobs behind actually involve. Three alumni will shed light on their current job and what their titles implies.


More information about the events and registration link can be found on our website by the end of August at the latest.

New addition to the team

We are happy to announce that Jane Midtgaard Madsen has joined AU Career PhD & JR as a Career Consultant.

Jane has a background in recruitment from Manpower and Arla and several years of experience with career counselling and coaching from the career centre at BSS. Furthermore, Jane has a huge network in the industry and a good understanding of the labour market in Aarhus and the rest of Denmark.

You can now book an appointment with Jane here.

The deadline for AU Mentor PHD & JR is approaching!

The deadline is August 15th 2017, but there is still time for you to send in an application for the AU Mentor PhD & JR programme.

This is your opportunity to get closer to the business community and ease your prospective transition from university to a career outside of academia.

If you sign up for the mentor programme you will get the chance to discuss issues that you find relevant with an AU PhD alumnus from the business community, who is employed in a company or organisation that is relevant for you.

If you are interested in a mentor, go to our website for more information and registration.

NOTE! We only take in 25 mentees this year so do not hesitate to apply.

career counselling - where to find us

This upcoming semester, you can book individual counselling at the following locations:

  • Fuglesangs Allé 4, build. 2610, off. 442
  • Aarhus University, Foulum, room 6
  • Tåsingegade, bygning 1443, lokale 210
  • Ny Munkegade 120, building 1530, room 131

At Ny Munkegade you will be able to drop in without an appointment between 10:30-12:00.

Ph.D. Career Consultant Vibeke Broe is in Foulum 23rd August and there are now two available sessions left. 

You can always find the time and place that suits you best for an individual counselling on our website. You can already now book an apointment for when we return after the holiday. 

office closed for the summer

office closed for the summer

Our office will be closed from 30th June to 3rd August. Any enquiries will be answered as soon as possible after the holiday.


See you all after the holiday!

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