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Fall 2013

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Dear Friend,

The response to our first newsletter was wonderful. It is so nice to hear from so many good friends.

Fall is quickly coming to Aspen.  I have alway enjoyed the Fall. Halloween in Aspen is always a special treat (or trick) for kids and adults alike.

This month I would love to introduce you to our newest family member, Java the Hut - A.K.A. Flowers Ohiya Java Flash Smith. He (or maybe she) is our new pet snail.

We love hearing your comments about our ideas and projects. Drop us an email and let us know what  you are up to.


Jennifer Dolecki-Smith, ASLA, RLA

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Meet Java the Hut - A.K.A. Flowers Ohiya Java Flash Smith

Java the Hut

Yesterday with our plant delivery from Denver, we got a special surprise.  A little buddy made his way the whole distance to come to Aspen – a snail.

This may very well be the largest snail that I have ever seen in person.  After us all checking him out for a bit, the crew decided that since my kids are still 3 and 4 years old we needed a new family pet.

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Garden Maturity

Just as a relationship evolves into many shapes and forms over time, so does a garden. It begins small, matures naturally and gradually; and then after such a long-term commitment, it may need to begin again.

We just returned home to Aspen, Colorado from celebrating my husband's Uncle Freddy and Aunt Janet’s 50th wedding anniversary in Tulsa. Warm congratulations to you both! Fifty years is a long time to be committed and a great accomplishment. Sweat and tears go hand-in-hand with joy and rewards of being in such a long-term commitment. In fact, there were many couples in attendance that have achieved marital maturity.

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japan - art of standing stone

The mystery and intrigue of man’s creative ability to stand stone upright has proven to be one of the most powerful aesthetic and spiritual creations of man’s history.

Dolmens like Stonehenge and Carnac are examples of the art of standing stone. In almost all ancient, medieval and even some modern cultures this art form was used to represent man’s deep spiritual relation to earth, and heaven. The Japanese garden is based upon this spiritual art form.

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