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Latest News from the ISSM - January 17, 2014 Member Login
ISSWSH Annual Meeting to be Held Next Month in San Diego, California

The International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health (ISSWSH) will hold its 2014 Annual Meeting in San Diego, California, USA. The meeting will run from February 20 to February 23, 2014.

The program (PDF) includes courses, sessions, lectures, and symposia on a variety of sexual health topics pertaining to women, including systemic hormone therapy, sexual and gender-based violence, and the evaluation and management of female genital sexual pain.

More details, including hotel information and a link to register, is available here

Member Profile: Dr. Vasan Satya Srini of India

Our latest ISSM Member Profile features Dr. Vasan Satya Srini of Bangalore, India.  He is a member of the Founding-Steering Committee of the South Asian Society for Sexual Medicine (SASSM), which became affiliated with the ISSM on January 1, 2014.

Dr. Vasan Satya Srini was educated at Bangalore University and completed a fellowship in andrology, incontinence and neuro-urology in Singapore. Currently, he practices andrology at Manipal-Ankur Andrology & Reproductive Services, Specialty Center for Andrology, Men’s Health and Reproductive Medicine.

When asked about the challenges in working in southeast Asia, he answered, "India (and, for that matter, southeast Asia), where I have worked due to my previous stint in Singapore, is a culturally diverse environment with social taboos and myths. There is a need to educate both professionals and the public on the importance of sexual health. I have used several mediums consistently over the years to do this. The awareness is much better now; however, a lot still needs to be done. The level of training is very poor and there is still a need to get people together on a common platform."

To learn more about Dr. Vasan Satya Srini, please click here.

Clinicians Do Not Always Address Sexual Problems in Post-Stroke Patients

Israeli researchers report that men and women often have sexual dysfunction after a stroke, but these concerns are not always addressed by healthcare providers during rehabilitation.

After conducting a literature review of 27 studies, the researchers found that: 

  • Sexual activity declined for post-stroke patients and many were no longer satisfied with their sex lives.
  • Other medical conditions and medications could lead to sexual problems as well.
  • Couples' relationships often changed after stroke.
  • Depression and anxiety were common among post-stroke patients.
  • Many patients felt that healthcare providers should discuss sexual health with them.  However, few providers did this.

The authors noted that some patients were still satisfied with their sex lives, despite any disabilities. They recommended that providers educate patients on what to expect sexually after a stroke and suggest new ways of being intimate if previous activities are no longer working out.

The study was published online in October in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. For more information, please click here

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