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Wbi NewsBlast! 10.2016
The Future of Storytelling Festival October 7-9 NYC

The Future of Storytelling Festival
October 7-9

On Wednesday Alex McDowell will be appearing as part of The Future Of StoryTelling Summit inside the wonderful virtual world of Oblong’s Mezzanine, to conduct a workshop on World Building the Future of StoryTelling. The World Building Institute's Science Of Fiction and The Future of Storytelling remain in lock step in our intent to cross media and disciplines and pave the way to tell new stories for the Twenty-first Century.

This year, for the first time, we are delighted to be helping to promote a new event. FoST has added the Future of StoryTelling Festival to its world space!

The Festival takes place in NYC on October 7-9.

Tickets to the main exhibition space—the FoST Playground—are just $75 and give you access to:

  • Three hours at the Future of StoryTelling Playground, with more than 70 different immersive storytelling exhibitions, including Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Birdly, Flock: A Holojam Experience, Magic Dance Mirror, Famous Deaths, and others—over half of them US or world premieres.
  • Sixteen conversation panels over the 3 days of FEST, with some of the biggest names in entertainment, marketing, and technology, including leaders and creators from the likes of Microsoft HoloLens, Cartoon Network, the New York Times, CNNVR, Facebook, Oculus Story Studio, and Punchdrunk.
  • A multiperson VR theater featuring a curated selection of the very best in virtual-reality entertainment.
  • Interactive experiences, music, a free Community Day for families, and much, much more!

This is a chance for you, your friends, family, and colleagues who haven’t had the opportunity to experience the Summit to come see what the Future of StoryTelling is all about. We hope you’ll join us!

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