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New Zealanders feel good about recycling their used glass packaging via kerbside and resource recovery depots. It’s something we connect to and associate to doing our part for the environment!

Since its inception 10 years ago, the Glass Packaging Forum has championed glass recycling throughout New Zealand.  100 companies from across the supply chain support product stewardship for glass through the Forum, showing strong environmental leadership.

Since 2006, levies paid by those companies have funded infrastructure spend of more than $1.8 million, with the recycling rate increasing from 53% to 73% during this period.  This rate is higher than that in Europe (71%) and the US (<50%) despite the challenges of population and distance in New Zealand.

Our aim for the next eight years is to increase the recovery rate to 80% or 186,639 tonnes.  To help us achieve this goal, we have contracted 3R Group as scheme managers. 3R takes over the role succeeding and growing the legacy of the late John Webber.

3R Group are well known in the waste and resource recovery sector for their work with Resene PaintWise, Agrecovery Rural Recycling and other product stewardship and resource recovery initiatives.  We are confident that their expertise in design, development and delivery of such programmes will allow us to reach this ambitious target.

Alistair Sayers
The Glass Packaging Forum

GPF Scheme Managers - 3R Group Ltd

Glass has a compelling story – a natural product which is infinitely recyclable right here in New Zealand; it’s a sustainable choice for brands and consumers alike.  But as many of you know first-hand, recycling glass effectively in New Zealand is not without its challenges - distance, population, differences in recycling options and availability across the country, as well as the number of service providers and stakeholders, all play a part.

Overcoming these challenges is a multi-stakeholder process which 3R Group are looking forward to being a key part of as scheme managers for the Forum. 

3R have a strong record of collaboration with industry and local government. Our extensive experience in both the design and delivery aspects of product stewardship, combined with a realistic view of what can be achieved in the current business and political environment, leads to real results, year on year.

We aim to work closely with councils and service providers to increase the volume and quality of glass available for recycling.  Of particular urgency are those councils currently in the WMMP planning process – we’d love to talk to you now about how we can improve outcomes for glass together. 

The Forum also encourages and considers applications to fund research or programmes likely to result in beneficially modified or alternative uses for glass in New Zealand, or put simply, which aid glass recovery.  If appropriate, the Forum may provide financial support for the research or programme’s introduction or development.  The Forum also financially supports promoting recycling at events and /or programmes designed to raise awareness about glass recovery.  Please get in touch to discuss suitable initiatives or you can apply directly online.

Over the next few months, 3R Group will be making contact with councils and service providers to discuss glass recycling.  In the meantime please feel free to contact us to discuss particular areas of interest.
Kind regards

Adele Rose
Chief Executive
3R Group Ltd

0800 267 674 

If you are not involved in glass recycling, please forward this email to the relevant person in your business and advise us so we can remove you from further communications about The Glass Packaging Forum. Thank you.