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Laser Therapy Might Relieve Sexual Pain and Distress in Vestibulodynia Patients

Women with vestibulodynia might have another treatment option, according to recently-reported findings. 

In a study of 70 women with vestibulodynia, CO2 fractional laser therapy was associated with less pain and improved vulvar tissue health.

Women were assigned to receive either an active or a sham treatment for 16 weeks. 

Participants who received the sham treatment had "minimal changes," the authors said. However, those in the treatment group developed better sexual function and felt less distress as the study progressed. 

Learn more about the study here. 

In the Forum

This week in the ISSM Member Forum, colleagues began a discussion of testosterone replacement therapy. 

"In my opinion, we should have a more progressive attitude towards managing Testosterone Deficiency. We should be considering TRT as Hormone Replacement Therapy not Testosterone monotherapy" wrote the original poster.

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