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RV78 out now, RV79 out soon, and Raw Erotica book despatching!

Don't forget to order your copy of the latest issue of Raw Vision magazine.

Issue 78 features:

  • The comic art of Mark Beyer.
  • Veijö Rönkkönen's vast sculpture park in Finland.
  • Howard Finster's Elvis obsession.
  • Alexis Lippstreu's renditions of masterpieces.
  • Israele's elaborate mountain top home near Palermo, Sicily.
  • Xico Nico's imaginative, disturbing figurative world.
  • The unsung sand sculptors of the late 1890s to the mid 1940s.

Plus reviews of books and exhibitions and Raw News from around the world.

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RV79 coming soon

Out in August, issue 79 will feature:

  • The brilliant visionary art of Alex Grey, with excerpts from his new book, Net of Being.
  • Edward Gomez assesses the work of the well-known Japanese self-taught artist Hiroyuki Doi.
  • Peter Bolliger introduces new discovery Ernst Kolb.
  • Rebecca Dimling Cochran examines the mysterious world of Ferdinand Cooper.
  • An introduction to the striking work of Josef Karl Radler.

And plenty of reviews and Raw happenings from around the globe.

Raw Erotica has now arrived and being despatched

Featuring essays by Colin Rhodes, Roger Cardinal, Michael Bonesteel, Jenifer Borum, Laurent Danchin, Thomas Roeske and Francoise Monnin, the book is a survey of highly personal imagery by outsider and self-taught artists reflecting their innermost desires and feelings.

The host of artists represented in this unique book include Adolf Wölfi, Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, Mose Tolliver, Henry Speller, Carl Genzel, Ody Saban, Steve Ashby, Roy Ferdinand, Harold Jennings, Johann Hauser, Malcolm McKesson, Joe Coleman and many more.

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