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Welcome to the second edition of WOW’s refreshed designer newsletter, a round up of news and inspiration curated especially for you.

With the conclusion of another successful WOW Awards show season, we'd like to thank all WOW designers for inspiring us with your entries. Your creativity blows us away. To give you more time to work on your incredible creations for the year ahead, we've opened the 2017 competition early, 24 September 2016 - 31 March 2017.  Please explore our new online inspiration portal here and enter now!

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Adam McAlavey takes the concept of wearable art a step further than simply designing a garment to fit a body. Not only do his works incorporate the presence and absence of his own breath, but they’re also part of his journey to reclaim his body from asthma.

The London-based artist has a degree in fine art, and spent the first part of his career working with film, animation and photography. In 2011 he began making costumes and headpieces as his artistic alter ego Adam Electric. Working with latex and air, he creates inhabitable second skins by breathing deeply through a tube, either inflating them or creating a vacuum by sealing himself inside... read more