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XV Biennale Donna

Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea, Ferrara, Palazzo Massari, Corso Porta Mare 9, Ferrara, Italia

From April 22 to June 10 2012, the Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea presents a collective exhibition, VIOLENCE. Art Decoding Violence, for the XV edition of the Biennale Donna
organized by UDI – Unione Donne in Italia di Ferrara and the Gallerie d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Ferrara.
Continuing the theme of the preceding three editions, the Biennale Donna once again sets itself the task of identifying and exploring socio-cultural, behavioural and geopolitical issues and questions of identity, as interpreted by some of the best known female contemporary artists. Curated by Lola Bonora and Silvia Cirelli, the exhibition follows the work of seven well-established international artists who have long focused on the theme of violence, which unfortunately is still a current issue. VALIE EXPORT, Regina José Galindo, Loredana Longo, Naiza H. Khan, Yoko Ono, Lydia Schouten and Nancy Spero describe situations and experiences very different one from the other, exploring the practice of violence in its broadest and most disparate context: from the individual to the family, from cultural to political and social. Without limiting form or identity, exhibition establish conceptual dialogues, sometimes outspokenly, and others suppressed, presented through a variety of expressive languages like sculpture,photographs, drawings, videoart and installations, including site specific works made especially for the Biennale.

The exhibition, organized by the comitato Biennale Donna of UDI (composed of Lola Bonora, Anna Maria Fioravanti Baraldi, Dida Spano, Anna Quarzi, Ansalda Siroli, Antonia Trasforini, Liviana Zagagnoni) and Gallerie d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, is curated by Lola Bonora and Silvia Cirelli, with the support of the Comune di Ferrara, the Provincia di Ferrara and the Regione Emilia-Romagna. A bilingual catalogue in Italian and English will accompany the exhibition containing reproductions of all the works shown and biographical notes on the artists, together with critical essays by Lola Bonora and Silvia Cirelli. During the Biennale Donna there will also be a number of related initiatives

A Virus of Sadness

mixed media installation, 1990, 6 x 8 x 4 m