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Worker Co-operatives Showing Promise

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Earthworker Co-operative, whose mission is to establish a network of worker-owned cooperatives committed to sustainable enterprise throughout Australia, announced last week the Redgum Cleaning Co-operative has now registered as a co-op and is set to launch in 2018. 

New York has shown worker co-ops in the cleaning industry can succesfully deliver hundreds of worker-owners earning good wages. They even won millions of dollars per year for worker co-op development from New York City Council! Read about how this was achieved in BCCM's latest blog

A Fair Economy Would be Built on Co-operatives – Oxfam

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Oxfam’s new report, “Reward Work, Not Wealth”, shows that we are in the midst of an inequality crisis. Last year a new billionaire was created every two days, with dangerous, poorly paid work supporting the extreme wealth of the few. Woman overwhelmingly experience the worst working conditions, while nine out of ten billionaires are men.

To design a fair economy, Oxfam recommends incentivising business models that prioritise fairer returns, including co-operatives and employee participation in company governance and supply chains.

“Our economies could be built with these progressive structures if political leaders prioritise policies that finance, support and foster such models” - Oxfam

Taxi Co-op More Self-sufficient than Uber


A new app, run by a co-operative of drivers, aims to modernise the black cab sector in London. The app follows a surge of interest in the co-ops ethical business model. 

Funded by the driver-members of the co-op, it is more self-sufficient than Uber. Uber has made huge losses every year of its existence and may not be profitable for another three years, their new CEO has said

Australia's Biggest Co-op Showing the Way


Australia’s largest co-operative and third largest private company, Co-operative Bulk Handling, has reported its biggest ever annual underlying profit, driven by a record harvest in Western Australia.

Despite the profits, CBH members have rejected calls for the co-op to become distributing in favour of its long-term sustainability. They will also consider a new rule next month that would require half of all members to vote on a decision regarding demutualisation in order to protect the co-op for future farming generations. 

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