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Outsider Art Fair, New York - A great success!

After several years in the doldrums, the Outsider Art Fair bounced back in full strength. With attendance and sales breaking all records, the new ownership and location have lifted the Fair to another level. This is good news for Outsider Art as prices and recognition will both be raised by this event.

Major Outsider Art Exhibitions

Large and important exhibitions of Outsider Art on both sides of the Atlantic this year reflect the growing interest in the field.

Hayward Gallery, London

The Alternative History of the Universe brings together over a dozen artists who have been involved in creating their own private worlds. Exhibitors will include Nek Chand, George Widener, and Eugene Von Bruenchenhein.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Exhibition Great and Mighty Things is a major donation by Sheldon and Jill Bonavitz which has in one sweep created a large Outsider Art holding at the museum, much of which will be on permanent display. 

Halle Saint Pierre, Paris

A large exhibition to celebrate 25 years of Raw Vision will open in September featuring over 60 artists who have appeared in Raw Vision magazine over the years.

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