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Consultation for NICE indicators opens

Consultation for potential new National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) indicators has opened.

The indicators cover many different topics and settings, including diabetes care and weight management. To read more, click here

Type 1 diabetes event to advocate ‘different approach’

A group of leading diabetes consultants is organising a conference aimed at inspiring people to “think differently” about their condition.

The aim of the event, which takes place on March 12, is to “bring people together so they can talk about type 1 diabetes”.

To read more, click here.

‘Small glucose changes could save NHS £5.5 billion’

Small improvements in blood glucose levels could help the NHS save £5.5 billion and make significant improvements for people with diabetes, according to a study.

Better glucose control could help avoid almost a million serious medical complications associated with diabetes, such as blindness, amputation and kidney failure over 25 years, researchers found. To read more, click here

Global focus on diabetes

Good practice in diabetes care and type 2 prevention from across the world was exchanged at a conference this week.

More than 100 delegates with an interest in diabetes attended the International Diabetes Conference at the House of Commons on Wednesday, February 3.

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Ninjabetic – Sex and diabetes


Last week, the lovely chirpy folks in the diabetes online community (#doc) took part in the return of the OurDiabetes tweet chat (@OurDiabetes) to discuss a topic that was perhaps a little different from our usual, familiar, cosy chats.

Sex and diabetes.

Admittedly, it was one of the more awkward topics to discuss so openly online, or in my case with my mum watching from her own Twitter account.

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