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VC-VCA - Vertical Autoload Cartoner
Product Feature: VC-VCA - Vertical Autoload Cartoner
For this application, the VC-VCA was vertically cartoning bottles at 300 per minute. The challenge for this project was erecting auto-bottom cartons at 300 cpm. AFA designed the VC-VCA to feature dual magazines which helped reduce the feeder speed and provided greater magazine capacity. The end result was a highly-robust and compact vertical cartoner running at 300 cpm. View here.
New Product Development: TL-PPG - AFA Cartesian Robot Top Load Case Packer
The TL-PPG is a new top load case packer from AFA Systems. The system features a Cartesian robot to complete both the collating and top loading of product into cases. The frame of the unit is very compact to seamlessly integrate into a wide range of packaging lines. An Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC, PanelView 700 HMI and Servo Controls package are standard on the system. View here.
AFA has standardized on Nordson SureBead Self-Cleaning Hot Melt Guns and Modules
AFA Systems has now standardized on Nordson SureBead Guns. Self-cleaning SureBead guns minimize maintenance, downtime and replacement costs. Integrated needle-and-seat, reduced cavity nozzle design provides virtually clog-free operation, even with aggressive hot melt adhesives. Reduce maintenance with self-cleaning action of integrated nozzle and needle assembly. Click here for an inside look at the SureBead glue guns.