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Latest News from the ISSM - October 12, 2012 Member Login
ISSM Membership Survey: 2012 Results

In July, the ISSM invited over 2,000 members in good standing to participate in a survey regarding their ISSM membership. And the results are in!

We learned a lot about ISSM members, including gender, age, country of residence, and specialty area. We also learned more about how our members interact with the ISSM and how they use the benefits they receive.

We plan to send out a similar membership survey each summer.

To learn more about the survey, click here. You can find the results of this year's survey here.

Thank you to all participants!  

Breast Cancer and Sexual Function in Women

American researchers have found that a diagnosis of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), a non-invasive form of breast cancer, may not have significant negative effects on women’s sexual function and body image.

The researchers also discovered that sexual function and body image for women with DCIS were similar to those of women in the general population and remained stable throughout  9- and 18- month follow-up periods.

Study participants included 304 women diagnosed with DCIS. The women answered survey questions about body image, sexual arousal, and sexual satisfaction. They were also assessed for depression.

The study was first published online in July in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

To learn more, please click here.

International Symposium on Prostate, Androgens and Men’s Sexual Health

The International Symposium on Prostate, Androgens and Men’s Sexual Health will be held June 21-23, 2013 at the InterContinental Hotel in Berlin, Germany. The event will be co-hosted by the ISSM and the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM).

According to the meeting website:

"The first day will be dedicated to all aspects of prostate diseases – their impact on men’s sexual health, the individualization of treatment to maximize preservation of sexual function and the burden of sexual dysfunction on both the individual and his partner. Special attention will be directed towards the effect of prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS) on sexual function, the conservative and surgical management of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and the management of sexual dysfunction following treatment of prostate cancer with watch-full waiting, radical prostatectomy, radiotherapy and androgen deprivation therapy (ADT).

"Day two exclusively focuses on all aspects of androgens and related hormones and their effect upon adolescent and adult male general and sexual health. Both the efficacy and potential risks of androgen and other hormonal replacement therapy will be discussed with special attention directed towards the use of androgen replacement therapy in hypogonadal men previously diagnosed with and/or treated for prostate cancer.

"On the third and final day, a series of three concurrent and repeating interactive workshops focusing on the main topics of the symposium will be conducted to provide delegates with a practical overview of the meeting themes integrated with a series of 'tricks of the trade' to serve your patients' and couples' needs best in your daily practice."

Abstracts for oral and poster presentations may be submitted before March 1, 2013.

Registration and hotel reservations are now open. For more information, please see the meeting website.           

We hope to see you in Berlin next summer!                                                                                                                   

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