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Age, Muscle Tone Linked to Female Sexual Dysfunction

A recent study of women undergoing pelvic floor physical therapy revealed that age and muscle tone are involved with sexual function.

The researchers worked with 85 women with an average age of 38.  All of the women were attending a physical therapy and rehabilitation clinic for pelvic floor disorders. 

Based on Female Sexual Function Index scores, about 85% of the participants could be diagnosed with sexual dysfunction.  About 82% of them had high-tone (tense and contracted) pelvic floor muscles.

Sexual issues were more common in women under age 30 and over age 50. 

Clinicians might consider pelvic floor issues when treating women with sexual dysfunction, especially younger women, the study authors said.

They added that many patients do not bring up sexual complaints during physical therapy. 

The study was first published online in April in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.  To learn more, please click here

Sexual Medicine Seeks New Editor-in-Chief

The publication committee of the ISSM is pleased to announce openings for the Editor-in-Chief position for ISSM’s Open Access Journal Sexual Medicine. Please see the job description here.

The editor will serve a 3-year initial term with a possibility of a 5 year extension based upon evaluation by the publication committee and the executive committee of the ISSM. Applications should be sent to the ISSM business office (secretariat@issm.info) by May 31, 2015.  Full application instructions are available here.

Finalist candidates will be interviewed in Madrid at the ICSM 2015 International Consultation (Madrid, Spain, June 19-21, 2015) by the search committee, which shall consist of the Publication Committee, the current President and President-Elect of the ISSM. This committee includes the following members:

Tarek Anis, Egypt
Sidney Glina, Brazil
Luca Incrocci, the Netherlands
Wayne Hellstrom, U.S.A.
Shinichi Hisasue, Japan
Deepak Jumani, India
Ron Lewis, U.S.A.
Mario Maggi, Italy
Sharon Parish, U.S.A.
Raouf Seyam, Saudi Arabia
Ira Sharlip, U.S.A.

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