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Orgasm Source Does Affect Women's Sexual Function or Mental Health, Study Reports

Two sources of female orgasm - the clitoris and the vagina - do not affect a woman's sexual satisfaction, distress, depression, or anxiety, according to a recent study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. 

The findings contrast with previous research that suggested that women who have vaginal orgasms are sexually and mentally healthier than those who prefer clitoral stimulation. 

The current study involved 88 women between the ages of 18 and 53. Their average age was 22 years. They completed questionnaires to evaluate their levels of sexual distress, sexual desire, depression, and anxiety. They also provided information about their sexual behaviors and orgasms. 

The women then viewed a series of sexually-explicit and neutral film clips.  After each clip, they reported how sexually aroused they felt. 

The women who identified their clitoris as their primary orgasm source tended to report higher sex drive and higher levels of arousal compared to those who considered their vagina their primary orgasm source. 

The researchers found no connection between orgasm source and sexual satisfaction, distress, depression, or anxiety. 

Learn more about this study here.

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