Hello Friends,

It's Andy from Lucky Paper, and I'm proud to say we've opened our Zendikar Rising Cube Survey less than 24 hours after the full spoiler! I'm really excited about this set, and I know a number of cube designers that are testing over 50 cards from it, so I don't think I'm alone. I would be very grateful if you took a couple of minutes and told us what you think of the new cards.

But that's not all! I also want to give you the first look at our newest article, Anthony's first written contribution to the site. Rather than an article on Cube design theory, it's an introduction to using regular expressions to help you design your own cubes and decks. Though I am glad to have Cube Cobra, EDHREC, and the slew of other community resources for sharing our creations with one another, I also feel it's important to just spend time digging through hundreds of cards on Scryfall from time to time. It's like being a journalist or researcher and diving into the primary source data as opposed to just reading other people's synthesis of the subject matter. Everyone's perspective on the game is nuanced — no two people evaluate cards the same way. Poring over cards yourself, without the bias of other players' opinions, is the best way to find your voice and clarify what you love about the game for yourself and others.

I'm glad our prospectives contribute to the community and public discourse, but I want to focus a bit more on empowering people to realize their own goals in Magic rather than just articulating my own. Anthony's article, which I hope will become a resource for many of you, is excellent in this regard.

Andy from Lucky Paper

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