PWS Day 1: Behind the scenes, favorite moments, exclusive deals and more!

My PWS Diary - Day 1

By Emily Vogel

Dear Diary,

2020 is looking up. Not just because there's only three more weeks left in the year and a new season of "Euphoria" just dropped, but because Power Women Summit is finally here! 

Today we heard from Anita Hill, got a sneak peek at a new musical, caught up with Aubrey Plaza, joined a Next-Gen Hollywood Roundtable, heard from the leading minds behind my favorite TV shows and saw a performance from an Italian superstar... I wonder if this is what Beyoncé's day-to-day looks like? Check out the highlights below! 

Louisette Geiss and Diane Warren Met at PWS 2018 and Created a #MeToo Musical

When my friends and I get together we watch "The Bachelor" and order Postmates. But when these gals put their heads together, they wrote and produced a full musical... maybe I need new friends?

In 2018 Louisette Geiss was part of the Power Women Summit tribute to #MeToo victims. At the event, she was introduced to songwriter Diane Warren. The two got to talking and came up with a unique idea - to write a musical about the #MeToo movement.

Today on our Main Stage, they gave us a sneak peek at their musical titled "The Right Girl." The cast performed the song "We Want More," about coming together as women and speaking up, breaking the silence.

Click here to watch the Morning Main Stage Program

This Is Not Your Grandma's Book Club...

What's better than joining a book club, going shopping or dancing uncontrollably to a new playlist? Doing it from your living room in sweatpants! Although we can't all be together in person this year, we're bringing the Power Women Summit Marketplace to you! Check out some highlights below. Click here to access.

PWS Book Club: Curated by Liz Parker, head of publishing at Verve, I advise you review this list with caution as it may result in you becoming the most popular person in your social group.

Deals & Steals: With the holidays just around the corner, stock up on gifts in-between panels. Access exclusive discounts only available December 8-10 for your favorite brands, and don't forget to buy something for yourself #TreatYourSelf

Creativity Corner: From coloring books (featuring the Notorious RBG) to PWS selfie backgrounds, it's time to get your creativity on. Who's with me?!

Click here to check out the PWS Marketplace.

Aubrey Plaza Reveals
Her Most 
Embarrassing Job

During today's session titled "Defining Your Career with Aubrey Plaza" the actor-turned-producer revealed the most embarrassing job she took in the industry.

"There was one period of my life when I was a mascot. Where I would wear a children's costume," Aubrey told TheWrap's Sharon Waxman. I would dress up as Noddy the Elf, a British children's book character and my job was to go into FAO Schwartz for some big donor party to get a picture with the Trump family." (Yes, that's the photo inset.)

Aubrey also gave us a sneak peek at her recent film "Black Bear," which she not only stars in but also produced. Is there anything this woman can't do?!

Click here to watch full Aubrey Plaza conversation

Kelly Marie Tran on ‘Unfair Pressure’ of Playing Disney’s First Southeast Asian Princess

“Raya and the Last Dragon” star Kelly Marie Tran says there is an “unfair” amount of pressure that comes with taking on the role of Disney’s first Southeast Asian princess, due to the expectation that she be “extra grateful” to represent a historically underrepresented community.

Kelly said during today's “The Future Is Now: Next-Gen Hollywood Roundtable," "I feel like sometimes when you are in an underrepresented group of people and you get this opportunity, you sort of have to do all of these mental Olympics of being like, ‘Oh, I have to be extra grateful because it will never happen again.’ And that’s such an unfair pressure to put on yourself.”

Kelly joined the panel with fellow actresses Alisha Boe (“13 Reasons Why”), Beanie Feldstein (“Booksmart”), Storm Reid (“Euphoria”), Alexxis Lemire (“The Half of It”), Genneya Walton (“#blackAF”) and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan (“Never Have I Ever”).

Click here to watch full Next-Gen Hollywood Roundtable

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In the meantime, stay safe and stay fabulous.

Emily Vogel on behalf of WrapWomen
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