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Newsletter / Fall Edition 2013

From the Desk of Sensei Becky Davis…Wow!  Summer went by so fast this year!  We had a lot of really fun events from camp days, to weapon seminars, to Black Belt BBQs, to game nights and new skill drills in class (4 square seemed to be a big hit!).  Now, we all settle into a new school year and all of the excitement that brings.  To all of our students, we wish you the very best of luck for a successful year!  Stay focused, stay prepared, and make this your best year ever!

~ Sensei Becky Davis

OKC’s New Website

For the past 6 months, we have been working with a webmaster to update our website so that it can become more interactive.   Please take time to register in the lobby so that you can begin to receive our quarterly newsletter and other information throughout the year.  We are joining the rest of the 21st century by going GREEN and we are thrilled with what our site looks like and hope you will like it too!

CLICK HERE to check out our website now!

Purple Belt Students

At this level and above, students are required to have their own chest protection – this can (and should) be purchased through the studio.  Please see Sensei Becky for details on ordering.

Sparring Equipment

So that your student is prepared and can participate in class, please be sure that your yellow belt student purchases his/her basic kumite set from the dojo.  Students who are 9th kyu and above practice sparring, as a regular part of their class and are invited to attend our monthly Fite Nite Seminars for FREE.  As an extra reminder, all male students are required to wear groin protection to every class regardless of rank.  Please see Sensei Davis if you have any questions and to place your orders.

Upcoming Class Schedule Changes

Our staff has been looking over our class schedule.  We have decided to make some additional changes – our existing class times will remain the same, but we would like to offer additional class times to help accommodate our families.  We will let you know as soon as this is finalized and hope you appreciate our additions  :-)

Arriving for Class on Time

This is always a tough subject to bring up because we know that for many of our working parents arriving on time with your student can present a challenge, but we ask for your cooperation in this for two really important reasons.  One of our goals in martial arts is to instill discipline and personal responsibility in all of our students.  We believe that making the effort to be on time and prepared for class helps to reinforce this goal; the other reason is that when students arrive late – especially those who are chronically late - it demonstrates a disregard for not only the instructor, but their fellow students – it also interrupts the class that is already in progress and is viewed as disrespectful. 

Beginning in September, unless prior arrangements have been made with OKC, students who are arriving 10-15 minutes after class has started will be asked to come back to train on another day.  We appreciate your support and cooperation with this policy and greatly appreciate all of you who continue to arrive on time!  Thank you!

Senseis Summer Vacation

Just a reminder, our studio will be closed for all classes beginning Saturday, August 24th through Monday, September 2nd.  We will reopen for classes beginning on Tuesday, September 3rd. To all of our OKC Instructors, thank you for your dedicated service to our students – please take time to enjoy this rest, it is well deserved!

Back to School Self Defense Seminar

Don’t miss this important seminar, targeted for 4th graders through 12th.  Topics will include bullying behavior, trash texting and how not to be a victim.  The seminar will be offered on Saturday, September 14th from 2:00-3:30 pm.  Cost per student is $20.00.  Students should come in regular clothing.  Register Today and don’t miss out!  See Sensei Davis for details.

Regular Events at the Studio

Please check the master calendar in our studio lobby for Black Belt Club Training, Fite Nites, Testing Dates, and other Special Events.

As always, our OKC Staff is very grateful to our families for your support of our programs.  Your presence makes a difference and we are glad that you are part of our OKC Family!  We wouldn’t be the same without YOU!