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"Fatto da Donne" Wine Dinner

7:30 pm
Wednesday, March 5

When Margherita and Sher pitched the idea of doing a special wine dinner to celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8) I thought, what a great idea. It's a fantastic opportunity to focus on a day that can always benefit from more visibility and support. However, as I thought about putting together a dinner featuring nothing but wines made by women, I had a brief moment of panic. I quickly did a mental scan of Piccino's wine list and all I could visualize were bottle labels, wine regions and grapes. I worried that this specific demographic was underrepresented on our list and that there would be a fair bit of legwork to be done to find some ‘new’ producers for this special dinner.

For some context, let me say a word about how I choose wines for Piccino:  when I sit down to taste wines I ask questions - a lot of questions. I ask about the vineyard, the soil types, the winemaking philosophy; I'll even ask after the personal wine proclivities of the winemaker or vigneron. What I don't ask — and I honestly can't remember ever asking this — is whether the person in the cellar or in the vineyard is a man or woman.

So I set to tracking down some inspiring wines for this special dinner. After a cursory look over some chicken scratch that passes for my tasting notes, I put the question out to my trusted importers and purveyors. The back-and-forth that ensued was both informative and quite fruitful. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the fermentations behind many of my favorite bottles have long been in the capable hands of female winemakers.

The end result is a solid line-up of wines for our upcoming wine dinner. It will be a nice blend of California and Europe, all embodying the tenets of balance, honest winemaking, and drinkability.

The Nitty Gritty
Dinner will be a five-course event starting at 7:30pm. All of our wine dinners are communal seating at the large tables in the center of the dining room – the idea being that this format encourages conversation and general merry-making with your fellow diners. We hope that you'll take the opportunity to make some new friends!

The menu will consist of four savory courses, followed by a cheese course in place of dessert. Each course will be paired with its own wine. Given the season, we will lean toward red wine for most courses. (Apologies to the white-only wine drinkers!) If you have a restricted diet and would like to attend the dinner, please call the restaurant or send us an email. Tickets for the event are available on Brown Paper Tickets -- the cost is $95 per person, plus tax and gratuity.

Hope you can join us in celebrating the achievements of women winemakers, chefs, business owners, and all women across the globe!