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Are you embracing the “voice” of your customers? Do you listen to their requests and respond accordingly? Are you meeting your customers’ needs? In answering these questions, organizations are learning to heed the advice of their customers and are taking directive action through customer satisfaction surveys.

Customer satisfaction surveys provide a snapshot of your target audiences’ perceptions of your product and service quality and your overall vitality as a trusted service provider. Surveys are an excellent way to engage in meaningful dialogue with your customers and break through social media’s “word of mouth” marketing.

In years past, customer satisfaction surveys were seen as necessary evils to mark off your “to do” lists. Now, customer satisfaction surveys are considered to be valuable components of customer retention. However, many view customer satisfaction surveys as report cards when they are really invaluable tools in targeting those areas where you can set yourself apart. Accomplishing this feat takes time, dedication, and effort. Action plans with tangible deliverables have to be carefully constructed and carried out in addition to following through on your customers’ relevant performance ratings.

While customer satisfaction surveys are complex in nature, we would like to share some helpful tips.

  • Clearly define the goals and objectives of your survey.
  • Use the data from your initial survey as a benchmark.
  • Determine the format of your survey (online/offline).
  • Recruit the “right” target audience.
  • Determine the survey time period.
  • Keep your survey short and simple to encourage understanding and completion.
  • Decide who receives your survey results and where they will be posted.
  • Construct an action plan and implement accordingly.

The MWH Public Relations (MWHPR) Customer Retention Service can customize a satisfaction survey to provide insight and feedback from the people using your products or services. Contact us today and learn how to increase customer engagement, drive repeat business and expand your market.


MWHPR Customer Satisfaction Program

  • One-on-One Consultation

  • Compilation of Survey Results
  • Analysis of Survey Results
  • Formal Report of Survey Results
  • Posting of Survey Results

  • Client Interview
  • Development of Survey Questionnaire
  • Deployment of Survey

  • Post Audit of Survey Project