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Santa at the Museum

It's that time of year again! The Edson and District Historical Society invites your family to join them as Santa makes his Edson debut at the Galloway Station Museum on December 5th. The event runs from 1:00 - 3:00pm and includes hot chocolate, cookies and crafts for all who attend. This is a FREE community event. Don't miss your opportunity to meet Santa!

Photos will be taken throughout the event by Giles Merriott of www.365photography.com

Featured Artist: Laura Vinson

We contacted Laura Vinson, a roots musician who features songs about history, heroes, culture and issues of aboriginal people, the fur trade and the Mountain Metis life style, about being this month's featured artist. Her response was so fabulous that we wanted to share her words directly with you.

LAURA: "I have been creating music for over 30 years, starting with a focus on Country music, evolving into the folk and roots music in the last 20 years.

I realized that the mainstream society and many aboriginal people, especially the youth, were not aware of aboriginal culture, history, and the issues that have brought us to this place in time. There are many misunderstandings that are not helping our people to realize their potential in current society and I hope to address this through my music and performances.

I encourage everyone to learn music. It is essencial to our make up as human beings and the mainstream culture inhibits this to a degree. It is a very satisfying means of expression, even at the amateur level. As far as considering it as a career, I always say: "Unless you love music more than anything else in your life don't get into the business".

My ideas come from so many places like newspaper articles, old stories, cultural teachings, requests for songs to be written for venues like documentaries and other personal life experiences. As a song writer I am always hearing things in the form of a song title or hook. I am a lyricist so usually the words come first then the melody. I often collaborate  with my husband and other members of our group to compose."

Laura's DVD 'The Spirit Sings: Live in Europe' DVD is available to purchase in the Galloway Station Museum gift shop. You can also go to her website, www.lauravinson.com, for more information on her work. 

New in the Gift Shop

We have received so many new pieces of pottery these past couple weeks that we just couldn't fit it all in the side column. Fresh for the Christmas season, here are the works of eight of Edson's local potters. To see more by these artisans, make our gift shop your next Christmas shopping destination.

To Flight and Back: A Tale of Friendship and the Second World War

Close to 70 people came out to take in the November 12th presentation of 'To Flight and Back: A Tale of Friendship and the Second World War.' Jim Davidge (Davidge's son) and Larry Irwin (Switzer's nephew) presented the story of Edson flyboys, Rodney 'Rod' Davidge and William 'Bill' Switzer who grew up together, enlisted together and flew in WWII together. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the research, development and presentation of the story, as well as to all those who came out.

This was a collaborative project between the EDHS and members of the Davidge and Switzer families. The EDHS is always looking to remember the lives and stories of Edson's veterans. If you know of someone that you would like commemorated, please stop by the Galloway Station Museum to see how we can help you tell your story.