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With Eric Cantor losing his primary in Virginia's 7th District, he will be stepping down as Majority Leader at the end of July. 

Leadership elections will be held on January 19 and we want to know where our fellow Patriots stand on the issues. Take the poll on our website, it's right on our homepage!

TIME: America's Appalling Veterans Affairs Scandal: The 1970 Edition

The ongoing Veterans Affairs scandal that cost Secretary Eric Shinseki his job has cast a grim light on the VA’s appalling — and, in some cases, perhaps lethal — incompetencies. It comes as no surprise to anyone with a long memory, however, that this is hardly the first time the VA has failed to uphold the nation’s “sacred trust,” recently cited by President Obama, “to all who’ve served.”

In May 1970, LIFE magazine published a devastating cover story on the frightful conditions faced by troops returning from Vietnam, and those wounded in earlier wars, who were “fated to pass into the bleak backwaters of our Veterans Administration hospitals.”

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Military Times: Bergdahl back in the U.S. to continue recuperation

WASHINGTON — Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl returned to the United States early Friday after his release from five years in captivity in Afghanistan in a controversial prisoner swap with the Taliban.

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