Issue 31 | 7th December 2016


We're well and truly into December and in that worrying period when people ask you, 'are you all set for Christmas?'. You'll cringe internally because no, you're not. Time's running out and your calendar's stuffed like a turkey with parties, pantos and post-work drinks. The only thing you can do is strap yourself onto the bright red festive juggernaut and try to enjoy it. Luckily, we have social media to distract, entertain and inspire us on the journey. Here's Sociable Folktales to bring you right up to date with what's been happening.
Are you all set?    

Facebook   Twitter and Instagram
  • Twitter
  • New ways to curb trolls and abuse.
  • You can now follow people with QR codes.
  • Direct reply count added.
  • Instagram
  • Live-streaming feature released.
  • Notifications when someone screenshots your DMs.
Other Platforms   Emerging Platforms & Tech
  • New battery tech lasts for days, charges in seconds.
  • Amazon's data-storing truck.
  • Sky moving into mobile.
Social Media Items of Interest
  • The Wes Anderson-directed H&M ad.
  • Sainsbury's releases ad spin-off featuring Gogglebox stars.
  • Lush shuts down its website on #BlackFriday to make a statement.
  • Christmas ad accused of Nazi symbolism.
  • Lego recreates five of the latest John Lewis Christmas ads.
  • Tommy Tippee to put cups back into production following Twitter plea.
  • Eastenders' Snapchat fail.
  • Black Friday winners and losers.
  • Small businesses leading the way on Instagram Stories.
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