St Anne's news: Wednesday 9 December 2020

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Lord Jesus, as we prepare to celebrate the gift of yourself to our world, we think too of our loved ones, remembering that you said that there is “more joy in giving than in receiving.” Acts 2035 We ask you to bless us and those we love. Amen.

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Greg's Message

As I reflect on 2020, it is impossible to ignore the worldwide impact that Covid19 has had on people. This year has been a challenging one for everyone;  a sad one for many with the loss of loved ones, and enforced separations. Let’s hope that 2021 sees our lives returning to “normality.” Given the challenges of this year I wanted to thank the staff for their superb teaching (online and in the classroom.) All teachers, learning support officers and administration staff  are to be commended. I’d also like to thank our school families for their support of their children and the school. I know that it has been difficult for you. Schools revolve around students - I have been amazed by the children’s resilience, positivity and capacity to move from school based learning to remote learning, back to school based learning, then round two of remote learning, finishing off with a return to school. Analysing our data (Pat M - Maths, Maths Pathway - Year 6 and Pat R - Reading) has been a most rewarding experience. Our  student data indicates that our students are performing well above the state and national standards. I’d also like to thank Fr John, Fr Toan and Fr Lenin for their ongoing support of our great school. In concluding, to those students and families who are departing St Anne’s I wish you every happiness in the future.  Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year to all.

I have spoken to Fr John and with the loosening of restrictions, we are planning to have the Graduation mass in the church on December 15. All going well (Covid19 wise), we would be able to legally invite the Graduation candidates, parents and staff.  A  total of around 86 people will be able to attend the mass in the church. The after mass celebration will now be held in the hall. Food will be provided for the students only. Parents must bring along their own food, drink, plates and cutlery. Entry to the graduation mass is from the main entrance only. Upon entering the church adults must register using the QR code in the foyer of the church. Whilst in church all adults must wear a mask. Thank you.

Last week I advised the school community of the impending retirements of two long serving and highly respected staff members - Clare Bellio and Jenny Morsley. Clare has taught at St Anne’s for 23 years. In that time Clare has taught at all year levels, taught Italian, and held positions of leadership (Deputy Principal and Religious Education Leader). Jenny has been at St Anne’s for 22 years, teaching across all year levels. Jenny has also been Religious Education Leader. Schools are busy places - both of these ladies have been prepared to willingly involve themselves in programs and activities such as sacramental programs, interschool sport, camps, art shows, concerts, working bees. You name it and Jenny and Clare have been there; prepared to get their hands dirty and to help the children. Clare and Jenny have both had a significant impact on so many people at St Anne’s. I thank them for their massive contribution and wish them all the best.

All of our year 6 students are to be commended on the leadership they have demonstrated this year. All of these students had positions of leadership and applied themselves admirably to their designated role. It is now time for the passing of the baton. At the Graduation mass, our 2020 school captains, Ruth Clancy and Alex Cococcia, will hand out school captain badges to the 2021 school captains. Similarly our 2020 sports captains, Latitia Moar and Michael Gledden, will do the same with the 2021 sports captains. I thank Ruth, Alex, Latitia and Michael for their leadership this year. Now to the 2021 captains.

Congratulations to our:

  • 2021 school captains: Hannah Taouk and Oscar Cray
  • 2021 sports captains: Greta Clancy and Francesco Mazzacca.

I’m sure that these peer elected captains will do a great job.

The Parents and Friends Association have very kindly organised a sausage sizzle for our students this Friday. I thank Woolworths Kew for their generous donation of the sausages.

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Jolly Jamboree 2020

Jolly Jamboree Costume Update

The staff and students are very excited about the premiere of Jolly Jamboree tomorrow evening (Thursday December 10)

As we can not collectively gather we were hoping families might choose to come together after dinner (maybe with a Christmas hat on and a few mince pies) to enjoy the screening. The whole performance is 50 minutes long and will help you get into the Christmas spirit!

There are several ways to enjoy the performance and it may be a good idea to practise setting this up today as this year we’ve all experienced the stress of the sound not working or not being able to find the charger during a zoom call!

The options to watch the Jamboree:

  • Watch it on your iPad or laptop- perhaps linking it up to your speaker system
  • Use the Vimeo app to screencast the performance to your TV
  • Screencast the link in web browser from your phone to the TV
  • Use an HDMI cable to mirror the image and the sound
  • Use a VGA cable to mirror the image - this may not carry the sound with it

When screen casting from your phone it can drop out if you pause it or try to fast forward it so once it starts working - try not to touch it!

Have a practise with this link to see if it works

We will be sending the link out on Thursday via skoolbag app



Tara and Bronwyn


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As announced to you all last week I will be retiring from teaching at the end of this school year. After 21 years at St Anne's and a total of 40 years in the game I feel that it is time to put my feet up and enjoy a little more freedom.

I will take this opportunity to thank Fr Brady, Fr Stuart, Fr Werner and Fr John for the opportunity to work here at St Anne's for as long as I have. I thank Maree Xuereb, John Connors, Karen Coghlan and Greg James for their leadership and guidance over those years. I thank all my wonderful friends on staff who have always been a source of fun, inspiration and great support. I thank all the families, who over the years have entrusted me with the task of entertaining, inspiring and teaching their children. I thank all the students  who have made each day both fun and challenging. You have kept me young but you have also reminded me that I am not getting any younger! I will remember you all fondly and I hope you will do the same.

After the year that has been I wish you all good health and happiness in 2021 and through all the years that follow.

God bless
Jenny Morsley


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  As l come to the end of my teaching career here at St Anne’s, many memories of my time here flood my thoughts and bring a warm sense of gratitude for the opportunity to teach at this wonderful school here in East Kew.

I’ve worked 23 amazing years at this school, and I am very thankful for the teaching career I’ve had. And what a journey it has been!
I’m coming to the end of my 40th year of teaching.
I’ve taught at 3 schools over that time, and seen a lot of children come and go and some grow into adults that now have children of their own at school!
I still find it difficult to believe that I am leaving those who have been very helpful to me from my very first day here. Julie Matheson, is a stand out there and of course Mrs Coghlan who was my partner in team teaching and has since remained a very good friend of mine.
To the staff, I have really enjoyed every moment working with you. You have all inspired me with your level of professionalism.
I read an article in the paper yesterday, that teachers need to be thanked by the parents-in particular this year! Why? Because it  has shown them that teaching is not an easy job to do…it requires dedication, passion, broad mindedness, honesty, sincerity, care, efficiency, imagination, open mindedness, vision and courage . These are just a few of the qualities that it takes to be a teacher-and a good one at that!
I am proud of the achievements that l have made whilst here at St Anne’s.
Introducing Italian as the LOTE language, being the REL, being encouraged to further my studies in this subject that was one of my passions. The other passion was Art. Each year that we entered the CEM Art Exhibitions, St Anne’s always had art pieces’ chosen in the entry. That was a great achievement! Even when the children were taken to the NGV the teacher there made a comment in front of the other schools as to how well prepared our school was for the exhibition. This was because my passion was instilled in the children-and l’m sure that one little girl l taught in grade 2 and 6 over 20 years ago, has fulfilled or is getting closer to her dream of opening up an art studio in France with a little coffee shop below!
The staff here-past and present, have encouraged me to be:
Open-minded, self-reliant, trustworthy, focused, self-disciplined, hardworking, persistent, respectful, and persevering in all that l do. These are but a few of the good qualities that you all have instilled in me.
I  also want to thank Frs Brady, Moran, Werner, and John for being supportive of me in my role as R.E.L. and being very supportive of the school. Their pastoral leadership was unfailing and always there...for all staff and children.
To you, the children, it’s because of you that l have been teaching for this long. I have loved my work, loved to see the success in all of you, and loved watching you grow from the very innocent and vulnerable preps that you were, into the self assured and confident young adults that you are becoming.
Remember that these are qualities that you too can develop and nurture throughout your lives to make you good and caring people in society.
Remember too,to be respectful towards each other, look out for each other ALWAYS and take care of each other. You can achieve your dreams if you do these simple things.
I hope that over the past 23 years, the school community has seen my energy and passion for St Anne’s. I love what l do, and l believe that this has translated to my work. I believe that l have been viewed as an ethical leader where faith, fairness, truth and integrity are at the center of my decision making. I hope that students remember me for being passionate about their learning and their achievement.
I leave St Anne’s with a somewhat heavy heart but l look forward to my new challenges ahead- that of helping to look after my three new additions to my family and to continue nurturing my little Leo.
It has been an absolute delight and privilege to be here for so long and the experience will remain in my heart forever. And, l am confident that St Anne’s will continue to go from strength to strength with your support. I am proud to be a part of the St Anne’s story...

Clare Bellio

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Learning and Teaching


Time to CELEBRATE our amazing students’ learning...

Our 2020 Foundation students have achieved an average reading level of 16 - a whole 10 levels above the government standard of 6!
Take a bow St. Anne’s Foundation students!

Sarah Parker
Learning and Teaching Leader

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If you love working outdoors and are handy at fixing things, this is the role for you!

The school working bee's are held once a term for a 2 hour period and involve tidying up the yard, topping up sand/tan bark and any other miscellaneous jobs that may be required outside & inside. Your role would be to liaise with the school once a term to work out a list of jobs and assist in co-ordinating jobs with volunteer parents at the working bee.

If you are able to help out, please let Lisa Hodgkinson know by the next P&F Meeting on the 9th December

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St Anne's Class of 2020 Graduation Celebration

St Anne's Class of 2020 Graduation Celebration
Tuesday 15th December 2020 from 6pm - 9pm
Please join us for Mass at St Anne's Church, followed by a graduation celebration in the grounds of St Anne's Primary School.

Individual children's meals will be provided. Parents and teachers to BYO their own nibbles & drinks.

Please RSVP via TryBooking by Wednesday 9th December 2020 for all persons attending (including graduating students).

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Community News

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Term 4 Key dates


Wed 9: Parents and Friends 7:30pm

Thurs 10 @ 7pm: Live online stream of “Jolly Jamboree 2020”

Mon 14: Year 6 “Big Day” out, Gumbuya Park

Tues 15: Year 6 Assembly 9.15 am
               Graduation mass 6pm

Wed 16: End of school year, 1pm dismissal


Wed 27: Staff return

Thu 28: F-6 students begin
(Foundation students 8:50am-1pm)

Fri 29: Foundation students 8:50am-1pm

Mon 1: Full days begin for Foundation students

Wed 3: Foundation day off

Mon 8- Wed 10: Year 4,5 and 6 school camp

Wed 10: Foundation day off

Wed 17: Foundation day off

Wed 24: Foundation day off
North Balwyn District swimming years 3-6

Wed 3: Foundation “full time”

Mon 8: Labour Day holiday

Fri 1: End of term 1, 1pm dismissal

Tues 19: Students, staff return


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Term Dates 2020


  • Term 1 - 28/01/2020 (teachers) 
  •                30/01/2020 to 27/03/2020 (students)
  • Term 2 - 14/04/2020 to 26/06/2020 
  • Term 3 - 13/07/2020 to 18/09/2020 
  • Term 4 - 5/10/2020 to 16/12/2020

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Enrolments, uniform and school fees

School Fees 2020

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