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10 August 2017


Full house at Health
In keeping with tradition, Health's degree programmes can report that all student places have been filled. Even though there are now more student places for medicine nationally, more students than ever have applied to the degree programme, which this year required an average mark of 11.0 for quota 1 admission.

Internal focus

Trust your research, and we will trust you
The theme for the PhD Day 2018 is ‘Believe in science’. It’s message to the PhD students is that they should continue to believe in their research – even though the results sometimes take time to materialise.

Who is the faculty's biggest research talent?
In 2016, Health established a new award targeting younger research talents. Trine Hyrup Mogensen was the first to receive the award named after Nobel Prize winner Jens Christian Skou. Now it is time to nominate candidates for this year's prize.

Health intensifies its collaboration with Brazil
Expectations are high before next week’s meeting between researchers from Health and prominent researchers from the University of São Paulo in Brazil when it comes to new partnerships and exchange agreements.


Chickenpox virus fatal in newly discovered immunodeficiency
A new study has identified an immunodeficiency which leads to some people becoming seriously ill from the chickenpox virus. The discovery of the gene mutation may help to improve prevention and treatment of the disease. It also contributes with fundamental new knowledge about the immune system.

The shared Danish genome has been mapped
Danish researchers from three universities have analysed the genomes of fifty families and created access to very precise knowledge about how the genome of a healthy, average Dane looks. The new knowledge is called the Danish Reference Genome and it can increase our understanding of hereditary diseases and support the development of personalised medicine.

Resistance training may slow down the progression of multiple sclerosiserose
New research shows that resistance training protects the brain in persons with multiple sclerosis, which may delay the development of the disease.

Fermented Red Clover Extract stops menopausal hot flushes and symptoms
It cannot be said that red clover alone reduces menopause symptoms, but a recently published Danish study finds that fermented-red clover extract effectively prevents hot flushes, hormonal swings and bone loss. Bucking the trend of usual research tradition the study has delivered a strong seal of approval to an innovative Danish Red Clover producer.

Longer cooling does not harm and may even help out of hospital cardiac arrest patients
Eight out of 355 cardiac arrest patients who do not immediately wake up after hospitalisation, have benefited from being cooled down to a temperature of 33°C for as long as 48 hours. However, this does not provide researchers from Aarhus University and elsewhere with evidence to conclude that 48-hour cooling is preferable to the typical 24 hours when it comes to preventing brain damage. The level of uncertainty is too high and the difference too small to reach this conclusion.

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upcoming events

PhD defence: Annie Nørgaard Jeppesen
PhD defence: Emil Hagen Ernst
PhD defence: Kirsten Høj

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