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Alcuin Society newsletter

Going forward, we will be sending out a regular email message to members and friends with information and links to the content we've been posting on our blog instead of the newsletter. Please check here regularly for current content. We have started a series of posts on members' collections:

    "Book collecting: a portrait series" by Sarah Sutherland

    "Book collecting: A tiny start" by John Maxwell

    "Book collecting: a working collection" by Ralph Stanton

    "Book collecting: Warja Honegger-Lavater and the glorious accordion-fold" by Kim Koch

Robert Reid (who lent his name to his eponymous award and medal for lifetime achievement or extraordinary contributions to the book arts in Canada) has been writing stories about his life in the book arts:

    "Designing stamps for the post office" by Robert Reid

    "Banknotes – examples of the printer’s art" by Robert Reid

    "Publishing the Lande Bibliography" by Robert Reid

Board member Sarah Sutherland has been writing posts on books and culture:

    "Books designed for public reading" by Sarah Sutherland

    "The crumbling of the modern" by Sarah Sutherland

The Alcuin Society has had some news:

    "Exhibitors of Alcuin Book Design Award winning books for 2015 announced"

    "Videos available of Alcuin Society 50th Anniversary talks"

    "Robert Tombs in Vancouver on May 13, 2016"

    "Rod McDonald on Carl Dair: The Alcuin Society’s 2016 AGM on June 6, 2016"

Canadian book news:

    "Canadian book honoured at 2016 Leipzig competition"

    "Barbarian Press the Film"

    "Independent Online Booksellers Association book collector scholarship"

    "Barbarian Press the Film – Vancouver showings"

We would welcome blog content submissions from our members. Please send queries to our blog editor Sarah Sutherland parallaxinformation@gmail.com.