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21 October 2016

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Multi Venue Exclusion: review recommendations

Thank you to those of you who responded to a survey last year about the Multiple Venue Exclusion (MVE) process.

The responses have been used to help us understand some of the issues and concerns around the MVE process, and the opportunities that could make it more effective for all users.

A set of recommendations has been developed and is available on our website.

An Implementation Working Group made up of representatives from across the gambling sector is leading the work to put the recommendations into practice.

The Multi-Venue Exclusion (MVE) programme allows problem gamblers to exclude themselves from multiple venues without having to visit each one individually and has been in use in New Zealand since 2004.

Should you have any questions please contact Neove Christoforou on DDI 04 495 6069 or email neove.christoforou@dia.govt.nz

Gaming machine spending continues to rise

Yesterday we issued a media release on Class 4 gaming machine expenditure for the third quarter of this year.

Read the media release

Our figures show that gaming machine spending has risen again, despite a continuing decline in the number of gaming machines.