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Rise in avoidable diabetes hospital visits

Hospital admissions for a short-term and avoidable complication of diabetes have risen by 39 per cent in the last 10 years, a new analysis has concluded.

Almost 80,000 people were admitted to hospital in England for hypoglycaemia – where the blood sugar of a person with diabetes drops to dangerously low levels – for a total of 101,475 episodes between 2005 and 2014, an NIHR-supported study carried out at the Leicester Diabetes Centre found. To read more, click here.

DT Survey: We want your opinions

The views of readers of The Diabetes Times are being sought as part of a new drive to further improve our publication.

We have launched The Annual DT Readership Survey 2016 to get invaluable feedback and to ensure we are fully catering for our audience. Click here to take part. 

‘Pokemon Go could ease type 2 burden'

The recent smartphone craze Pokemon Go could provide an “innovative solution” to rising obesity levels and chronic disease, leading researchers have said.

Millions of people have started to play Pokemon, which is a virtual reality treasure hunt where players must walk to places within the real world and catch, train and battle monsters that appear on their mobile phone screens. To read more, click here

Late menopause linked to type 2 diabetes

Women who go through the menopause later in life are at a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes, a study in the US has found. To read more, click here.

The Big Interview – Professor Alan Sinclair

Professor Alan Sinclair is an internationally and nationally recognised researcher in the field of diabetes in older people.

He outlines what he feels are the biggest challenges in older people’s diabetes care and what he wants to see change. To read the interview, click here.