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'March Madness' at Distinctive Schools!

Athletes and teachers from our four Chicago campuses hosted their very own ‘March Madness’ event earlier this month at the first-ever Distinctive Schools Basketball Tournament. Full story...

High Stakes High Schools

There is an elite league of schools that take only the best and brightest students, sometimes even denying admission to class valedictorians. Many families believe that admission to one of these venerated institutions will determine the trajectory of their child’s future success and feel like the world is riding on an acceptance letter. We're not referring to the Harvards, Yales, or Princetons of the Ivy League; we're talking about the Youngs, Lanes, and Northsides of Chicago Public Schools’ (CPS) selective enrollment high schools... Full story...

Defend the Illinois Charter School Commission!

Parent Profile: Ms. Olsen

This month, we interview Lyndsey Olsen, whose child Aya attends CICS Jackson.

Ms. Olsen describes how she supports her child's education.

Read the interview...

News from the Schools

CICS Bucktown celebrates Dr. Seuss' birthday!

CICS Irving Park students perform for the public.

CICS Jackson 3rd graders learn about fossils.

CICS Prairie holds a social studies symposium

CICS West Belden raises funds for technology.