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Increasing Interest in Renewable Energy Projects

Dear ,

Increasingly we see strong interest and demand from our clients for financing solutions for Renewable Energy (RE) projects in Indonesia.

PRIME Consultancy is offering solutions how to raise funds to finance such projects, either as debt or by identifying partners which take equity stakes in RE projects. Focus is on Mini Hydro, Biogas/Biomass and Photo Voltaic.

Besides raising funds we have supported public and private clients with studies and reports about the Renewable Energy industry potential and how the government can boost investments in RE and Energy Efficiency via attractive financing schemes.

What are the main drivers for the increasing interest and demand?

  1. Attractive Feed in Tariffs provided by the government for Independent Power Producers (IPP’s), now also available in US$ cents
  2. Obligation by PLN to offtake RE
  3. Increased awareness amongst investors for this sector, also because of the commitment of the Indonesian government to increase New and Renewable Energy in the national energy mix from now roughly 6% to 23% in 2025 and to significantly reduce Green House Gase (GHG) emissions
  4. Low commodity prices e.g. in the Palm Oil sector which make them look for alternative and additional revenue streams, combined with regulatory issues to reduce GHG emissions from plantations
  5. Reluctance by local banks to finance Renewable Energy projects –hence the need to look for offshore funding

Of course, there are still many obstacles and hurdles when it comes to implementation and execution of the projects – but as soon as funding is secured many projects are ready to move ahead.

Are you interested to learn more about our services? Visit our website www.prime-consultancy.com, call us at our office through +62 21 2555 6686 or send your inquiry per email to info@prime-consultancy.com.

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Volker Bromund                                 
Executive Director