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Mid-Harvest Winemakers' Dinner

7:30 pm
Wednesday, September 17
Five-course dinner with wine pairings

Planning a wine dinner at Piccino is often the result of an animated managers’ meeting.  Picture Sher and I in a room with our team, excitedly talking about a wine we brought in or had at dinner last night – something that caught our attention in a very good way, a story that made us connect with the wine, a flavor that truly enhanced our meal.  We all start finishing each other’s sentences and collide head-on with our excitement about the new, farm-fresh dishes we want to create.

The wines from Oro en Paz started just such a conversation.

The ultra-local, Oro en Paz was founded in 2009 by San Francisco natives Ben Herod, Nate Clark and James Davids. The name is taken from the city’s motto “Oro en Paz, Fierro en Guerra” or “Gold in Peace, Iron in War,” which they say is also a symbol of their friendship. 

Located on Treasure Island now, their winemaking enterprise is the kind we all fantasize about . . . work with your friends, start in your garage, focus on what you love, work with exceptional local growers, and turn your passion into a thriving profession. The only difference is these gentlemen started in grandma's garage!

Their wines today represent the sophistication and skill not of a homemade affair, but rather are the result of years studying at UC Davis, and hard work in cellars both here and abroad. Their wines have been a part of our list for awhile, and our staff recently spent a day at their winery tasting, learning about their approach to winemaking, and even hand-bottling some chardonnay.

We’re delighted that they’re taking time-out right in the middle of harvest to host a wine dinner with us!  We’ll showcase five of their wines, all expertly paired with some fun new dishes that Anne and her team are already working on.

The Nitty Gritty

Dinner starts at 7:30 pm and will consist of five courses, each paired with its own Oro en Paz wine. All of our wine dinners are communal seating at the large tables in the center of the dining room – the idea being that this format encourages conversation and general merry-making with your fellow diners. We hope that you'll take the opportunity to make some new friends.

If you have a restricted diet and would like to attend, please call the restaurant or send us an email. Tickets for the event are available on Brown Paper Tickets – the cost is $95 per person (including wine), plus tax and gratuity.

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