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Focus on Scripture

Upcoming passages at One Place:

December 1: Luke 6:1-5 (Dejan Stojkovic)

December 8: 2 Kings 6-7 (Japhet De Oliveira)

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We are growing!

Because of the increase in families attending each week at One Place, the pastoral team is sending out an all call to anyone reading this newsletter. We are wondering:

Is there is a need for the Sabbath School options to include an Elementary class (grades 2-5) for one of the remaining gaps (between Preschool and Middle School) during the 10:00am service? 

If so, would you be willing to support it by sending your children?

Would you be interested in volunteering to assist in the classroom (teaching, games, etc.)?

If you enjoy having your children with you during the service, would you be willing to send your kids to Sabbath School while you attend one of the adult SS yourself during 1st service (this you'd still being able to share this worship experience with your kids by attending 2nd service)

If you would like to help out by answering these questions and become a part of the conversation already in progress, please contact Ray Dixon with your answers/concerns/questions. Or speak to any of the pastoral team on Sabbath mornings in Buller Hall. 

Baptized in the name of Jesus

Congratulations and blessings to Emily Ferguson who dedicated her life publically through the beautiful act of baptism at One Place! We were all blessed by your wonderful songs to God in addition to the message of Pastor Ferguson as we were reminded that, "this world is not a Christian parade ground. It's a battlefield." 

And in Emily's own words of response, "If there is a battle going on and Jesus wants me to be a part of it--I want to be part of it." 

Blessings to Emily as she continues to explore the world around her and change it in the name of Christ!

Toys for Tots Christmas Drive

The One Place High School Sabbath School group, in conjunction with Toys for Tots, is asking for your assistance between now and December 8 to collect new and unwrapped toys for our community this Christmas season. 

Our High School teens will be rocking snow goggles for the next two Sabbaths to mark themselves as representatives of children who would otherwise go without gifts this holiday season. While they themselves may go home to a hearty bounty under the Christmas tree this year, they are collecting for someone who won't. Your gifts can be handed to any teen wearing snow goggles you see in Buller Hall.

If you happen to come bearing gifts between 9:45-11:15am, please swing into our Sabbath School class (BUL 208) where the High School group will be meeting to say "hello" and to drop off your generous donations. Our community and the High School group thanks you in advance for making this a very merry Christmas.

AU Student Missionary Spotlight

Jason Lemon is working with the Journalism and Communications Department at the Middle East University in Lebanon.

While he is still away, please send your warm words of encouragement his way via e-mail to let him know that he is in our prayers as he assists the people of Lebanon in a special way.

AU Student Missionary Spotlight

Jesse Malin is in his second year as vice principal at the Palau Mission Academy in Palau.

When you find a free opportunity, send Jesse an email letting him know he is being prayed for and that we are proud of his work in Palau at One Place.

Sabbath school options at One Place

One Place Christmas Party

Come celebrate the season with giving, food and fun in Buller Hall between 6:00-9:00pm on Saturday, December 8!

We will be setting up the lobby and classrooms for board bames, card games, Christmas movies, Christmas karaoke and an "Ugly Sweater" photobooth!

Hot Chocolate and popcorn will be provided! Bring your favorite holiday desserts to share.

The High School Sabbath School will be collecting any donations for Toys for Tots. Bring your donation to the party if you have not already dropped them off at One Place!

For more information, or to RSVP, please visit the Facebook event page

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