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New DKA condensed guideline

A condensed guideline on managing diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) has been created.

The document is based on the original DKA management and monitoring charts produced by the Joint British Diabetes Societies – Inpatient Care Group (JBDS – IP). To read more, click here

Plans to link QOF to type 2 prevention programme referrals

NICE has proposed incentivising GPs to refer people onto NHS England’s national type 2 diabetes prevention.

The health watchdog has put forward an indicator to reward general practice for the percentage of people referred who are diagnosed with non-diabetic hyperglycaemia in the previous 12 months. To read more, click here

Diabetes clinical lead roles named in good practice drive

The diabetes clinical leads have been announced for a national programme aiming to drive down ‘unwarranted variation of care’.

Dr Partha Kar, the associate national clinical director of diabetes with NHS England and consultant in diabetes and endocrinology at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, will work alongside Professor Gerry Rayman, who is a consultant physician at the Diabetes and Endocrine Centre and the Diabetes Research Unit at Ipswich Hospitals NHS Trust. To read more, click here

Quality improvement work stream announced

A new quality improvement work stream project has been unveiled as part of the new National Diabetes Audit (NDA) three-year contract.

This improvement project will cover four key areas of diabetes specialist care including inpatient, pregnancy, footcare and transition. To read more, click here.

Immunotherapy therapy shown to ‘slow type 1 diabetes progression’

Pioneering therapy which retrains the immune system and slows down the development of type 1 diabetes has been shown to be safe.

The landmark MonoPepT1De study looked at how effective immunotherapy therapy was at slowing down the progression of the condition on a small group of people. To read more, click here