I use an email service to manage this newsletter, and I can either pay a monthly subscription for it OR I can pay per email I send — $5 base rate + 1¢ per recipient. I choose to pay by the email because I like there being a direct cost I have to pay to annoy you all with a message. This way, if I should ever be tempted to spam your inbox, a violation of the sacred trust you have put in me by siging up for this newsletter, I would be punished financially for doing so.

I only mention it so you know that if I am emailing you, it's because I have something I really care about sharing. Today, it's our YouTube channel. When I first started getting interested in Cube years ago, it was through watching people play the Magic Online Vintage Cube on YouTube, and I desperately wanted more, different Cube gameplay videos. There are perilously few good-quality videos showing off cubes with different design goals, and basically none in paper.

I spent this summer building a home office and podcast studio in my basement, and one of my goals was to also set it up for streaming on Twitch. My hope was that if the setup was good enough and permanently installed, we could make decent quality videos without much effort and upload them to YouTube. I'm finally confident enough that this is going to be at least semi-sustainable that I am willing to share it with you! We're streaming every Monday evening, then uploading the drafts and/or matches as separeate videos one-at-a-time throughout the week.

I'm proud of the videos and I really hope you'll check them out and hopefully tell a friend or two about them. If you're around tonight feel free to pop by the stream and say hi! Although, my internet has beenp pretty fucky this weekend, so we may have technical issues. Fingers crossed.


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