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Cleveland Turner has passed away

Turner, known as Houston's Flower Man, passed away on Sunday, having been ill for several months. After being homeless and suffering from alcohol poisoning earlier in life, Turner had a vision of beauty which he vowed to create as part of his bid to stay sober. He rented a house and transformed the interior and the outside with flowers, broken toys, painted tools, and other discarded objects. He travelled ten miles each day on his plastic-flower-decked Flowercycle in search of items to add to his art environment. In 2004 he bought a house and began anew, planting flowers and re-siting his collection, placing each instinctually to create a colourful, ever-changing display.

Special Christmas Offer on Raw Vision 123

A great gift for art lovers, the historic reprint of Raw Vision's first three issues contains a wealth of archival and reference material. Published 1989-1990, these early issues have been out of print for many years. With articles by Roger Cardinal, Laurent Danchin, John Maizels, David Maclagan and Sam Farber covering subjects such as Nek Chand, Howard Finster, Mediumistic Art, Haitian Art, US Environments and French Environments. Special reduction from $35.00 to $25.00 for a limited time only! Click here to order.

Outsiders at Christie's, NY

Christie’s has secured a selection of outsider art for one of its January sales in New York. The collection comes from the collection of Kristina Johnson, who had married into the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical industry several decades ago and was an avid collector of Folk Art and outsider art. Includes works by Bill Traylor, Mose Ernest Tolliver, Sam Doyle, Justin McCarthy and William Hawkins.
CHRISTIE’S, 20 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10020

Dammann Collection at Museum Im Lagerhaus, Switzerland

Until March 2, 2014, Collecting Madness II – Outsider Art from the Dammann Collection features historical and contemporary works from a psychiatric context, with artists from Gugging and the Prinzhorn Collection such as Else Blankenhorn and August Klett. Other artists include Heinrich Anton Müller, Charles A.A. Dellschau and James Edward Deeds.
Davidstrasse 44, 9000 St Gallen, Switzerland

Gift subscriptions and a selection of books are still available to order in time for Christmas – click here to order now!