May 2, 2019

Dear Graduate Students,

The challenge ballots have now been resolved and the outcome of the union election is final: Graduate students at the University of Pittsburgh have voted against unionizing.

On April 26, the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board (PLRB) provided the United Steelworkers and the University the list of 153 challenge ballots. After careful review, both sides determined that there were not enough eligible ballots to change the outcome of the April 26 vote count. So, per PLRB rules, no additional ballots will be opened. The final vote count is 712 against unionization and 675 in favor.

More than two-thirds of eligible voters participated in the election, and I am grateful to each and every one of you. Throughout this process, I have been impressed by your dedication, engagement, and thoughtfulness. I look forward to continuing to work alongside all of our graduate students.

As we enter the summer months, I will continue to reach out and look for ways to partner with students to enhance graduate education at Pitt. I encourage you to stay informed through my monthly newsletter, to send your questions or ideas, or to drop by my office hours.


Nathan Urban 
Vice Provost for Graduate Studies

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