Hello Friends,

It's Andy from Lucky Paper, just popping by to say that our surveys for Core 2021 and Jumpstart are live:

You'll notice we have upgraded from a basic Google form to a custom-built survey! I'm very grateful to my teammate Anthony who did the vast majority of the work on our fancy new form. His generous investment of time over the past few weeks will save us a huge amount of time in the future. Now, we can generate a survey for a new set in a matter of minutes, and most importantly, the data we collect is consistently formatted, allowing us to analyze and draw conclusions from it much faster. Jett (Tjornan) had previously been normalizing the data manually, translating each response, which included differently formatted card ratings and often shorthand or nicknames for cards.

It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to make improvements that make this little side project more sustainable. I know progress and new content has been slow coming, but we're trying to go far, not fast.

As always, my inbox is open. I would love feedback on how this survey could be even more useful to you and easy to complete.

Andy from Lucky Paper

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