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    What is the best way to move your rebate application through the system as fast as possible?

    The best way to move your rebate application through the system quickly is to fill out all fields on the application completely and accurately!

    When your application is complete and accurate, the SRP processing team only needs to review it once, and can process the approval quickly. Applications are processed in the order they are received. So, when the processing team has to ask for a point of clarification, the processing of your application is suspended while we wait for the returned information. Once received, the new information enters a queue and is processed in the order received.

    SRP wants to reward those Trade Allies who turn in complete applications. As a result, we are announcing the following reward accuracy contest, running June 2015 through March 2016.

    Here are the details:

    • If 75% of your applications submitted during a given month are complete and require no clarification, you will qualify for the monthly drawing. You get one chance for each application received that did not require clarification.
    • The winner of the drawing will receive a $100.00 pre-paid credit card.
    • This rewards program is open to all approved Energy Efficiency Alliance / Trade Alliance members. That means you must have renewed your membership and completed your renewal training by August 1, 2015.
    • It is applicable to Standard projects, including New Construction and Small Business. Custom projects are not included.

    Some tips for those who want to win:

    1. Fill out all open fields on the Customer Information page.
    2. On the Terms & Conditions tab, provide the correct Federal Tax ID number and check off the correct business type. Include inked signature in required locations. Scan all pages of the Terms & Conditions, not just the signature page.
    3. Ensure that the Company Name on the application matches the SRP account name (you can verify this by requesting a copy of the customer’s SRP bill).
    4. If the application is a 3rd Party release, ensure that the Payment Release section of the application is completed and signed by the SRP customer.
    5. Make every effort to select both existing fixtures and proposed fixtures using the fixture filter. Generally speaking, you should only have to define custom fixtures for LEDs that are not already in the fixture lookup tables.
    6. Provide a marked up manufacturer’s specification sheet with the extended part number of LED products for the proposed and installed equipment.
    7. Provide a screen shot of the DLC and/or Energy Star page with the part number of the LED product you intend to install—Note that this is optional and a great way to move the process forward.
    8. The workbook and the invoice(s) should have matching equipment, quantities and customer information (i.e. install address, project cost, install date, etc.).
    9. Include the “ComCheck” with New Construction applications.
    10. One application or project reference per email. Always include the project SBS-XXXXX, SCS-XXXXX or CBS-XXXX in the subject line of the email. All email communication needs to be sent to


    As a reminder, the Standard Business program requires that all retrofit lighting applications receive pre-approval from SRP — prior to ordering, purchasing and/or installing equipment — in order to remain eligible for rebates.

    CREE Recall

    A manufacturer recall has been issued for some of CREE’s T8 Tube LED lamps. Some of these lamps may be eligible for rebates under the SBS, CBS, and SCS programs.

    The recall does not affect the eligibility of rebates for this measure under the current program rules. However, we do suggest that you make yourself aware of this recall and act accordingly. Please research through the following links:

    FY16 EEA Participant Training Reminders

    To complete the renewal process, all EEA participants will be required to attend a new program refresher training course. You will be contacted to schedule this training after your FY16 application has been successfully processed.

    EEA participants who have not completed the refresher training by August 1 will lose their EEA status for the remainder of the FY16 program year, but will be eligible to reapply for the FY17 program year.

    EEA Refresher Training courses will occur every Tuesday and Thursday, through July 30. They will be conducted at the Nexant Office from 9:00 am to 10:00 am.

    3100 West Ray Road, Suite 230
    Chandler, AZ 85226

    Lighting and Non-Lighting Workbook Training Webinars will occur simultaneously from 9:00 am to 10:00 am every other Wednesday, through the end of July. They will be conducted via WebEx (details below).

    These are optional training sessions open to both new EEA members and longtime EEA members who may need a refresher. The WebEx details below will be the same for each of the recurring training sessions. Once you’ve chosen a time and date to attend the meeting, you can copy and paste the information below into your calendar or simply save this email to log in during your preferred training date(s).

    Lighting Workbook Training WebEx Details:
    Join WebEx meeting
    (877) 668-4490
    Meeting number: 574 598 204

    Non-Lighting Workbook Training WebEx Details:
    Join WebEx meeting
    (877) 668-4490
    Meeting number: 578 173 398

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