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Asiana Flight 214

Lifelong Dream to Start-Up a Small Business at SFO Becomes Reality

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SAS begins nonstop SFO-CPH service on April 8, 2013 

Asiana Flight 214

On July 6, 2013, Asiana Airlines flight 214 crashed upon arrival at SFO.  Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with passengers and families.  While this tragic event was the first fatal air crash in SFO's 87-year history, the swift actions of first responders that day saved countless lives. Our appreciation goes out to the many organizations that supported the response and recovery efforts, including mutual aid responders, federal agencies, American Red Cross and United Airlines (UA), for playing a pivotal role in staffing hospitals and family assistance centers.

We also recognize the outstanding team effort which returned the Airport’s Runway 28L to service a mere six days after the accident. Teams from the airport, FAA, NTSB, and UA worked around-the-clock to move the aircraft wreckage; and repair, re-pave, and certify the runway for safe operations. This achievement truly demonstrated the Airport’s core value: “we are one team.”

"Our core values – we are one team, we each take responsibility for the airport – were never more on display than during the Asiana crash landing on Runway 28L,” said Airport Director John L. Martin.  "Hundreds of employees rushed to the airport immediately and without being asked. Hundreds more called in with offers of help, suggestions and observations. I've never seen so many people pull together so quickly and so unselfishly. It was a humbling experience, and I've never been prouder of our entire team."

After the incident, the airport conducted a number of debriefing sessions to evaluate response and incorporate best practices into its emergency operations procedures. One key finding was the changing nature of media, with particular importance of the role of social media. Pictures, videos and accounts of the crash from passengers and witnesses alike, provided nearly-instantaneous accounts of the event, while SFO’s own use of social media to keep our customers informed demonstrated its effectiveness as a communication tool.

Having concluded the “Moving Forward Together” review process, the SFO airport community looks ahead to take the lessons learned from the incident, and continues its unwavering commitment to the safety and security of its customers and employees.


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Lifelong Dream to Start-Up a Small Business at SFO Becomes Reality

SFO recently welcomed Marina’s Café, a new small-business startup and lifelong dream owned and operated by long-time members of the SFO community, Lupe Rodriguez and George Issa, both of whom began their careers at SFO in the concessions area almost 15 years ago.

"We are very proud of George and Lupe, who are first-time business owners from our Airport community," said Airport Director John L. Martin. “The opening of Marina’s Café in the Rental Car Center demonstrates our dedication to increase local business participation at SFO. We wish George and Lupe every success in their new venture."

Lupe Rodriguez immigrated to the Bay Area from El Salvador in 1990, and began working at SFO as a cashier, rising through the ranks to manager of a food and beverage outlet. George Issa, who emigrated from Egypt in 2000, began work at SFO shortly thereafter and also rose through the ranks to assistant general manager of an SFO restaurant.

The two met at SFO and married in 2010. Marina’s Café is named after their late daughter.

"We appreciate this tremendous (small business) opportunity that SFO has provided for people like us," said Lupe Rodriguez. “We especially like to thank John L. Martin and everyone at the Airport for their support and encouragement. This is our baby."


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Now Open:  New Shops and Restaurants



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