Issue 34 | 1 February 2017


The presidential inauguration. The analysis of the inauguration. The marches that followed the inauguration. The 'fake news'. The fake tan. The plagiarisation of speeches. The plagiarisation of cakes. These are the things that have dominated recent social media conversations. If January 2017 was a colour, it would be some shade of orange. So where do we go from here? Onwards, my friend. Here's Sociable Folktales to fill you in.

Facebook   Twitter and Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Dashboard app to close after only 6 months.
  • Video under 6.5 seconds now looped.
  • Trump autofollow glitch.
  • Instagram
  • Live video launched. More here.
  • Stories ad formats revealed.
  • Twitter finally joins.
Other Platforms   Emerging Platforms and Tech
Social Media Items of Interest
  • The student behind that powerful Adidas ad.
  • Pharmacy outdoor ad shames smokers by coughing at them.
  • Young Thug video reveals a lot about the process of creating promos.
  • Sky Atlantic tells people 'Don't Go In' to promote Fortitude.
  • Trump turns to Facebook ads to shift inauguration tickets. 
  • Families of terrorist attack victims sue Facebook and Twitter.
  • Campaign's top 20 Super Bowl ads of all time.
  • Giuliani becomes Trump's cybersecurity advisor.
  • Shia LaBeouf debuts four-year anti-Trump live stream. More here.
  • The most overused sound effect in movie trailers
  • Creative uses of Instagram Stories.
  • A collectiion of creative anti-Trump protest signs.
  • Donald and Melania's viral GIF.
  • If America comes first, can The Netherlands come second?
  • If famous works of art featured Trump.
  • Twitter sees record live stream viewers for inauguration.
  • Scarily effective prank to promote new Rings movie.
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