Doing Business With A Client Creates a Conflict of Interest

Jay Reeves

It is not the simple conflicts of interest that cause malpractice and ethical headaches. It is the more complicated scenarios that are tricky to navigate.

One problem area that crops up frequently is doing business with a client. Generally, this is not only a bad idea but is also prohibited by the ethics rules.

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8 Tips for Effective Time Management

At the end of the day do you ever look at the pile of work on your desk and wonder if you actually got anything done?  These thoughts can lead to stress and feelings of helplessness.  The cure for these thoughts is effective time management.

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35 Years of Mutual Memories: An Interview With John Hester

John Hester was Lawyers Mutual’s first full-time claims attorney. He was there when the claims legal department consisted of a single desk and shared telephone. Since then he has helped create a claims office that has become a model for other states across the country. A jewel in his department’s crown is its Claims Repair program, which boasts a 90 percent success rate and saves the company $2 million each year.

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7 Steps to Avoid Email Malware

Have you received an email from a bank stating you need to update your records because they've upgraded their system? Strange thing is, you don't actually have an account with this bank. Yeah, I see you spammer. DELETE.

But how do you spot an attack when it comes from a company you use?

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CLE Goes to the Movies

Can getting CLE credit* be entertaining and enjoyable? Come find out when Lawyers Mutual and ReelTime CLE present “Put Into Practice: Wrestling With Ethical Dilemmas – We Have Met The Enemy…” As a Lawyers Mutual policyholder, you and your staff can attend for free adding to the benefits of your premium. 

Course Description

This live, interactive seminar developed by Charlotte’s own ReelTime CLE provides an engaging and entertaining forum for consideration of some of the common ethical and professional dilemmas faced by lawyers, and the corresponding toll they can take on an attorney’s mental health and well-being. Built around a series of film clips from the critically acclaimed 2011 film Win Win, starring Paul Giamatti as a struggling attorney and high school wrestling coach, this program explores the intersection of ethical decision-making and the various sources of stress that lawyers regularly encounter. Participants will leave this program better equipped to identify and understand the various pressures they commonly face in their practices, and with practical guidance for avoiding the kinds of professional and personal missteps that can literally ruin a career.

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Questions? Contact Sharon Sparrow for information regarding our CLE programs at 800.662.8843 or

*Approved for 3 hours of NC State Bar CLE Credit
2 hours of professionalism/ethics
1 hour of substance abuse/mental health