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Future of Work: From insecurity to self-help

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The rise of the gig economy has meant more workers facing not only stagnant wages but also job insecurity and lower retirement savings

BCCM has made a submission to the federal government's Future of Work inquiry outlining six steps we can take to make workers more secure; BCCM member Employee Ownership Australia has detailed how employee ownership, using the UK ShareSave model, can ensure workers have adequate savings for retirement; and Co-operatives UK has published Working Together, a report about how trade unions and co-ops can work together for the benefit of precarious workers. 

Organically Moving Towards Co-operatives in Care Work

The Boomalli Ten

BCCM advocates for competition in business models in the delivery of human services. National Health Co-op, Supporting Independent Living Co-operative and The Co-operative Life are examples of co-ops experiencing strong growth in health, disability and aged care markets. The Productivity Commission's final report into Human Services supports the role of CMEs in a diversified market but could go further to ensure that all providers have a level playing field when it comes to offering alternatives for consumers and employees says the BCCM CEO in this opinion editorial.

Vale Murray Goulburn Co-operative

Murray Goulburn Co-operative members have voted to sell the co-operative to private Canadian firm, Saputo. MGC which owns the iconic Devondale brand, was Australia’s second largest co-operative and our largest dairy processor. Greg McNamara, Chairman of Norco, now Australia's largest dairy co-op, says the key to the continued success of a co-op is sticking to the co-op ethos.

What to do about Facebook?


Facebook is addictive for a reason: Facebook is run to maximise profits, and profits are made from selling user-attention and user-data. Recently, this business model has landed Facebook in trouble. How can Facebook users protect their data from exploitation?

One suggestion has been to learn from one of the most important media organisations in the world - the Associated Press. It is a co-operative, owned by and accountable to its users, which, argues Nathan Schneider, is the key to its success. 

2018 New Economy Conference - Call for Proposals


The New Economy Network Australia has announced its third annual conference​. The theme this year is "Strengthening the New Economy for the Common Good" and it will take place in Melbourne between 19-21 October 2018. 

The conference organisers have made a call for proposals. If you'd like to submit a proposal, you have until the 1 June.

"The Alternatives"

The Guardian has released a new podcast series, The Alternatives, each episode examining creative ways communities are revitalising their local economies. Grab a coffee, relax, and enjoy the March episode on worker-owned businesses  which explores the case of a business owner who transferred ownership to his employees when he retired. The employees were able to take advantage of tax concessions unfortunately  not available in Australia. To find out more about employee ownership visit the website of BCCM member Employee Ownership Australia.

Upcoming events

AIM WA Co-op Development Program, 13-15 June, Perth

Co-ops NSW Conference, 22 June, Sydney

International Day of Co-operatives, 7 July 

New Economy Network Australia 2018 Conference, 19-21 October, Melbourne

For all the latest news from the co-operative and mutual sector, please visit the BCCM website and for information on how to run and set up a co-operative, visit Get Mutual.