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Indonesian Companies looking for Markets and Partners in Europe

Dear ,


Indonesian companies are now increasingly looking beyond Asia to Europe mainly for 2 reasons:


  1. Europe as being an attractive market for their products after they have already successfully established an export market for their products in Asia and the Middle East.
  2. Inviting European companies as shareholder or business partners for their market entry into Indonesia.


PRIME Consultancy is well positioned to support your way to Europe and other parts of the world. Through its business partners PRIME Consultancy is globally connected with a strong foothold in all major countries in Europe. We are also able to identify European companies which would like to enter the Indonesian market via partnerships/JV structures.


Please contact us if you are interested in Europe as market for your products or for your search for business partners. Visit our website www.prime-consultancy.com or send your inquiry per email to info@prime-consultancy.com for more detailed information.

Kind regards,

Volker Bromund                                 
Executive Director