Weekly Roundup: 10 best retirement and investing articles published this week

10 best retirement and investing articles published this week


Here are must-read articles from MarketWatch to help you save for, and live, in retirement. Also included are stories on investing and consumer finance.

1. Retirement ideas — lowering senior-housing costs

MarketWatch’s Best New Ideas in Retirement series continues. New technology and innovation can be used for senior housing that is less than half as expensive as a traditional assisted-living facility.

2. Staying physically fit

Here is practical advice about how to stay in good physical shape during your golden years.

3. Keeping your mind nimble

People spend a lot of money on apps designed to keep them sharp. Here’s a combination of activities and actions that can help you maintain a strong mind.

4. Good part-time work for retirees

Everyone’s path to retirement is different and so are their qualifications for part-time work. Here are four examples of rewarding part-time jobs for retirees.

5. How professional investors adjust to a trade war

Rather than hoping for a quick resolution to the trade conflict between the U.S. and China, these money managers are shifting to more defensive portfolio allocations.

6. ‘The best job in America’

According to Glassdoor’s annual survey, this profession has the best combination of job satisfaction and average salary.

7. Successful transformation of an old-tech company

Cisco Systems (CSCO)  CEO Chuck Robbins describes how he completely transformed the company.

8. Bottom-fishing in the stock market

A simple list of stocks that have fallen 50% from their one-year highs drew a tremendous response from MarketWatch readers. Here’s a follow-up about long-term investment opportunities among downtrodden oil-services companies.

9. Early plays on tech stocks

Jeff Reeves lists seven stocks that can help you jump on new technologies.

10. ‘Socially responsible investing.’ Really?

ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) investing is a popular way for investors to avoid supporting companies that do things they don’t like. But it turns out that many ESG funds hold shares of a company that helps China’s government implement police-state surveillance.

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