Simultaneously analyze up to 1000 targets with an antibody array
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Wednesday, November 18

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How can you get quantitative protein expression data on hundreds of different targets from just one experiment?

By using a RayBiotech antibody array, available at antibodies-online.

Antibody arrays are fast, simple, and cost-effective tools for multiplex analysis of protein expression. Using an antibody array, a researcher can gather quantitative or semi-quantitative expression data on up to 1000 proteins simultaneously, offering a more comprehensive picture of biological response and cellular function.

Antibody arrays offer:

  • Comprehensive analysis:  Simultaneous quantitative or semi-quantitative expression analysis on up to 1000 targets, so you get to see the whole picture.
  • A superior value: Measure tens or hundreds of antigens at a fraction of the cost per sample of comparable proteomics methods (e.g. ELISA or Western blot).
  • A simple, pre-packaged solution: No need to worry about finding compatible reagents. Raybiotech antibody arrays are pre-configured and optimized for detection of the most relevant targets in research areas like obesity, inflammation, and angiogenesis. Or ask about custom array production for analysis of your specific targets of interest.

Browse the TLR signaling pathway

As part of the innate immune system the Toll-like receptor (TLR) signaling pathway contributes to the first line of defense against invading microbial pathogens.

To date, 10 members of the family have been identified in human and 13 in mouse. Homologs have also been discovered in plants, illustrating the high-degree of conservation in this receptor class.

200+ new antibodies and proteins from PROALT now available

PROALT is a Madrid based biotechnology venture focused on biomarker assay development for clinical diagnosis and management of cancer.

PROALT has been able to spin off many of the components from it's diagnostic foray into a collection of highly validated research reagents, including a line of well characterized primary antibodies and recombinant proteins.

antibodies-online is pleased to offer PROALT products to our global research client base.


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