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A huge success

It has been really exciting to see how the new website has taken off. Thank you so much to everyone who has sent us messages of support and encouragement. It has meant a lot to see how our efforts have been appreciated.

If you haven't already taken a look www.birthmarksupportgroup.org.uk

Since our launch a few weeks ago we have had members contacting us wishing to add information about associated syndromes to our 'Types of birthmark' pages. This is the best way we can keep our information up to date and helpful to others. Please keep it coming.

If you would like to get in touch please contact Jo. If you haven't already become a member we would love for you to sign up and join us.

2012 Fun Day!

Only ten more days until our fun day.

Some of you maybe thinking it is only ten more days until you meet Shane Richie, either way it will be a fantastic day to meet others, share stories and have fun.

If you haven't already let us know you will be coming, please fill in our online registration form.

We are really looking forward to seeing you all.

Best wishes

Birthmark Support Group

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